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6 Reasons You Should Invest in Ripple (XRP) Now

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Jan 30, 2019
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Despite the grueling bear market of 2018, Ripple has never ceased to amaze with its fearsome evolution and ever-increasing adoption. The beginning of 2019 finds Ripple in second place according to CoinMarketCap, beating the long-standing contender, Ethereum.

Ripple is one of the most ambitious projects of our time, designed to be more than just a simple payment protocol. The Ripple platform is an open source, blockchain-based protocol designed to allow fast and cheap transactions, hoping to one day revolutionize international transactions worldwide, as well as a big part of the financial field.

Ripple was created primarily to serve banks and the world’s largest financial institutions and has been catching more and more headlines thanks to its interesting developments over the course of the last few months. It managed to catch so much attention within the industry, that more and more investors are turning their eyes to Ripple.

It’s safe to say that the hype behind Ripple is pretty much legit since the platform has a few noteworthy achievements under its belt. Ripple is capable of processing any transaction well within 4 seconds (a lot faster than most cryptocurrencies), the fees are very low, it enables international financial transactions with worldwide-accessible payments.

Another statement to Ripple’s real success is its fruitful partnerships with more than 100 banks worldwide, including some of the biggest names in the industry.

If you still need convincing for investing in Ripple, here are the best reasons why you should:

Its transaction protocol is unique

At the heart of Ripple, there’s the platform’s advanced transaction protocol. Designed to fix all the hassle of sending money internationally, the protocol allows users to transfer digital currencies, fiat currencies, and even information fast and without effort. Both participants of the exchange process have access to a very secure channel, making Ripple very useful both for massive banking institutions but for individuals as well.

Thanks to the aforementioned massive partnerships Ripple has currently landed, you can expect the protocol to offer even more in the future.

It boasts outstanding transaction speeds

Currently, Ripple has an overall capacity of 50,000 TPS (transactions per second) which is impressive on all levels. For reference, Visa (one of the world’s biggest digital payment processors) has a limit of 24,000 transactions per second. This speed combined with the platform’s reliability should help it gain even more adoption during the following months.

It’s backed up by a brilliant team

Ripple has some very big names behind it. The San Francisco-based fintech company was founded in 2012, even though the project’s roots date back to 2004. It was created by Jed McCaleb and Chris Larsen, two very brilliant minds. Today, the team also involves CEO Brad Garlinghouse, CTO Stefan Thomas, and the chief cryptographer David Schwartz.

Tech giants invest in Ripple

Smart decisions, a lot of work, and all the right connections have made Ripple the crypto giant it is today. Currently, Ripple is backed up by massive investors such as Cambridge Global Payments, Star One Credit Union, BBVA, SEB, SBI Remit, eZforex, as well as tech giants such as Google, Apple, Airbnb, Asana, BuzzFeed, Coinbase, Facebook, Twitter, and Snap.

Ripple’s XRP is still cheap

This might come as a surprise, especially considering the fact that it’s ranked second by market cap. However, the truth of the matter is that Ripple’s XRP is one of few top cryptocurrencies which can be bought for well under $1. This makes it suitable even for investors with low budgets.

It doesn’t really have competition

Even though Stellar is regarded as being the prime competitor for Ripple (since both projects were co-founded by Jed McCaleb), there a series of differences that will prove this point nicely. Perhaps the biggest difference between Stellar and Ripple is a philosophical one. While Ripple was designed from the ground up to appeal to banks and massive corporations, Stellar’s goal is to provide low-cost financial services for the unbanked, the people in the world’s developing countries.


It’s important to understand that all investments in cryptocurrency come with certain risks. However, considering everything mentioned above, the low entry barrier, the low price of its token, and the fact that Ripple is so popular and it has such strong partnerships, Ripple is without a doubt a very good investment option for anyone looking to make some money in the following years.

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