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405% ROI During the Market Turbulence | How to Secure and Multiply Your Crypto

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May 27, 2021
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The situation in the cryptocurrency market can be called nothing short for a real “storm”.  At a moment like this, we’re all deeply concerned about our crypto assets while trying to protect it from devaluing and future risks.

Any experienced crypto holder will tell you that it is not enough to simply buy crypto; you also need to invest your crypto smart. In other words, your crypto should work for you and be multiplied.

The market offers you a variety of solutions of a different stability, risks and profits level. Today we will talk about the crypto lending niche, namely the BitcoLoan company, that offers you the highest possible income on the market. 

BitcoLoan is a dynamically developing service. The company has a great development scenario and has been following it smoothly so far.

Business Loan with 405% ROI

A Business loan investment is one of the company products worthy of your attention. Invest your crypto in a loan for business and get up to 1.5% profit every 24 hours.

Making such investment will allow you to compensate for the cryptocurrency price drop and accumulate even more crypto. “Hodl” is no longer the most attractive option – the times have changed and now it is time for smart investments.

72% APY of the Remaining Account Balance

If you’re looking for an “easy” way, storing your funds in the BitcoLoan account is just what you need. Why so? As you might’ve guessed by now, storing your crypto on BitcoLoan will get you the daily 0.2% of the remaining account balance. No strings attached.

Top-up, withdrawal and investments are available at any moment. If you choose to store your funds in some other wallet, you will lose your chance to gain the potential profit. 

BitcoLoan Token

The main service idea is a complete crypto lending decentralization. This will become possible thanks to the BitcoLoan Protocol that will be released later this year. Right now, all the BitcoLoan clients have a unique opportunity to get the system tokens.

The Private Sale Tier #2 is on, while the token price gets higher with every following tier. However, buying the token is not the only way to get it. Complete the Bounty Program tasks, and get the token for free. As simple as that.

Training and Other Opportunities 

The company does not only allow you to invest, but also offers you a free training. Take a free training course to become a crypto lending professional and get a nice bonus.

BitcoLoan is a versatile company – the ecosystem where you will find answers to many of your questions. In the current market situation, you have to make the right decision and secure your investments. If you don’t do that, you can just lose everything.

Make your own decision. The potential of your crypto depends only on you.

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