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Zug has proudly announced that its blockchain-based voting process has been successfully concluded. 


As reported by Coindoo on 11 June, Switzerland’s “Crypto Valley” revealed it will experiment the blockchain-based features within a voting system. According to the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation, between 25 June and 1 July, citizens had the opportunity to participate in the survey by downloading a specific mobile application based on the blockchain protocol.

According to the head of communications, Dieter Müller, “the premiere was a success” – reported, supervised by the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation. He added that the results and technical details will be analyzed in the next months.

As announced in an official press release published on 25 June by the city government, the project focuses on “the protection of privacy, the voting secret, the immutability of the vote and the verifiability of the results.”

Mayor Dolfi Müller scans the QR code to log in.

The voting system was created by IT company Luxoft in collaboration with the city of Zug and the Department of Computer Science of the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences. Luxoft wants to promote blockchain-based e-voting alternatives globally.

Vasily Suvorov, Luxoft’s Chief Technology Officer, stated:

There are concerns about electronic voting because voting is a fundamental mechanism for direct voting…. That’s why we believe that this technology should not belong to a single company. We will build the e-voting platform ‘Open Source’ so that people can understand what the technology is and how it works. We want to encourage more people to develop blockchain-based applications for governments worldwide.

Zug or Swiss “Crypto Valley” is known to be the largest tech and crypto hub in Europe as it hosts dozens of blockchain-based startups. Switzerland is recognized as a crypto-friendly destination, and plans to become “Crypto Nation“.

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