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Blockchain-powered network and cryptocurrency ZenCash is excited to announce on its rebranding.

ZenCash, the 69th largest cryptocurrency in the world by market capitalization, is now registered as Horizen. According to the website, “Horizen is a privacy-oriented cryptocurrency and a leading-edge technology platform“.

The former ZenCash website has already gone through significant changes, giving users a new fresh interface and additional features. While ZEN remains the platform’s main crypto asset, the upgraded platform is set to integrate a decentralized autonomous organization DAO plus smart contracts and offer support for sidechains.

Horizen to develop a voting system

Horizen will soon design a voting system via which members will be able to poll work proposals. In addition, the company announced the release of a ZenVault wallet in the near future, as well as blockDAG protocols, and ASIC mining resistance.

Speaking for the media, Horizen President and Co-Founder Robert Viglione explained that:

The ZenCash project has greatly evolved since its inception more than a year ago, and it’s now time to expand our brand to more accurately reflect our mission to promote the fundamental human right of privacy worldwide. What initially launched as a privacy-focused cryptocurrency has transformed into a much broader and deeply capable platform that will host a variety of privacy-focused applications, including secure messaging and publishing. The Horizen brand completely embodies our technically-innovative mission and the sentiments of our community — we are a visionary privacy platform in which people can believe and to which they can belong.”

The platform aims to boost ZEN’s adoption rate and invest in a private communication between communities:

Talking about Horizen’s supportive community, Executive Advisor and Co-Founder Rolf Versluis added that “Our large and engaged community is one of our greatest strengths. I’m very happy that the development of the Horizen brand included feedback from many people that have been with us since the beginning, as well as more who have joined us along the way.”

Versluis added that “Our enterprise has a track record of delivering success, and Horizen encompasses our ability and desire to continue that growth in many ways. As we to pioneer innovation with our community and technical partners IOHK and Infopulse, our expanded brand encompasses our unlimited capability to deliver new product offerings, improve our platform for partners to build even more profitable applications, and enable personal freedom and liberty using technological privacy.”

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