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Did you ever think that a dead zone can be beneficial for an important economic activity? Zcash, a cryptocurrency based on a decentralized blockchain that brings to light an advanced technique, used a dangerous destination to make an official ceremony of the platform.

The team behind the Zcash platform decided to use Chernobyl nuclear waste to carry out the “Powers of Tau” official ceremony. These were used for the first time as an important resource in a digital system that generated random numbers. The event was held last week in USA.

The distributor, Andrew Miller, mentioned that “Powers of Tau is all about generating and safely disposing of cryptographic ‘toxic waste.’ So, what better way to generate entropy than with actual radioactive toxic waste?

The ceremony took place at 3.000 feet above the sea level, in an air space above the cities of Illinois and Wisconsin. This measure was chosen to provide a private and secure area.

The mechanism of the ceremony was quite complicated. The developers Ryan Pierce and Andrew Miller have used a Geiger tube to generate random numbers. Being connected to a generator, the radioactive pulses from Chernobyl were received as numbers and finally turned into codes. The radioactive graphite in the hazardous nuclear destination has served as an inevitable resource for gamma and beta radiation at a low level.

The specific Geiger tube used was a Soviet SI-22G that was recovered from the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. This tube is sensitive to gamma and hard beta radiation”, replied the Zcash Foundation.

Miller assured in a video published on a YouTube channel that the radiation used and emitted did not affect the environment. During the act, the developers ensured that no one could intervene to compromise the coding of numbers process.

The result of this ceremony is a fragment of private and random codes that will be used to develop the Zcash platform.

Do you think that other crypto platforms will copy Zcash’s innovative activity?

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