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ZB is a cryptocurrency based exchange platform that is located in China. The exchange was launched in 2017 right after the country imposed its ban on ICOs. Because of its timing, it generated quite a stir in the cryptosphere and in the Chinese trading scene.

The exchanges headquarters have been relocated to Hong Kong where China’s harsh regulations cannot reach it. But, like most of the crypto exchanges that are based in Hong Kong, it is still unregulated.

The platform primarily offers crypto-to-crypto spot trading, but it also has some options, albeit limited, for crypto to fiat trading.

Since its establishment, has slowly climbed the ranks and made it among the top 20 exchanges in terms of trading volume, according to data supplied by CoinMarketCap. The exchange mainly caters to Chinese as well as Asian investors and traders but states that its services are available for everyone regardless of their location. The website has a version both in English and in Mandarin.

The platform is a well-developed trading platform which has two separate versions which can be accessed by traders that are at beginner and advanced level. The interface for the experienced exchange platform is regarded as being one of the best in the industry. It features attractive chartings and traders have access to a wide variety of tools plus technical meters for charting analysis.

The entire interface was designed to be extremely intuitive and even a beginner can appreciate the smooth layout and easy of understanding presented by the platform. The chart is positioned in the top left corner of the page, with the order book set to the right side of the chart, and right under it, there is the order window where market offers can be placed by traders. On the basic exchange interface limit can be placed as well stop limit orders. The advanced traders will have to toggle between the two if traders want to make use of all the advanced features.


Low-cost trading

Trading costs at currently range from 0 to 0.20% for the total value of the transaction, depending on the traded instrument (a few USDT trading pairs are free of charge), which represents a good price considering its market competitors. Deposits are free and withdrawals have fees that are rather small: 0.0001 BTC, .005 LTC, 0.01 ETH.

Fiat currency availability (CNY)

There is only a fiat currency that is currently offered at Chinese Yuan (CNY). But there aren’t that many trades that you can do with this currency, probably because of regulations.

214 trading pairs Available

The platform currently offers 214 trading pairs which can be traded at, even if it isn’t so long active on the market, with more supported crypto coins coming soon. At, the main trading pairs contain USDT and BTC.

Advanced trading platform’s web trading platform features two interfaces, a simple and advanced one. Traders have praised the design and functionality of their interface, for featuring great charting, trend lines, a slew of technical analysis indicators. The platform is also available for iOS and Android users.


Limited Fiat-to-crypto options

Fiat-to-crypto trading can only be used by users that have been verified by a C2C mechanism, which works in a similar manner to a P2P model. Also, verified clients of can make transaction only with USDT (the cryptocurrency which is tethered to the dollar) and Q-Cash (QC- an independent digital currency that was built on the QTUM blockchain) against the Chinese yuan (CNY).

This means the possibility of buying Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin with CNY is not available, and neither is the option of buying them with the US Dollar. has stated that it intends to accept US Dollars in the near future.

No available leverage is an exchange that does not have margin trading available. There are hints that it plans on launching margin trading, as the website features a section called “margin trade” which is now inactive.

Conclusion is a reliable crypto exchange that has a very impressive interface which suits traders of all levels of experience. But considering its limited options, you might want to look for another trading platform.

At the time of writing, ZB is ranked no. 4 in the top of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, recording a 24-traded volume of $383,079,940, according to CoinMarketCap.

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