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With new, blockchain-based projects coming out every second (at least it feels that way) it’s often hard for them to stand out from the competition. But once in a while, a pristine cooperation arises that catches the attention of the crypto space and helps make the overall movement more accessible to the everyday individual. YouToken’s relationship with BestRate is one such cooperation and here’s why it’s disrupting the traditional crowdfunding market.

On its own, YouToken is a blockchain-based crowdfunding platform that allows entrepreneurs to convert their project/idea (“human intelligence”) into tokens. As a result, these entrepreneurs harness the power of ICOs to raise funds for their idea. Meanwhile, investors get the opportunity to capitalize on young entrepreneurs at the earliest stages of their success. Ideally, this provides an opportunity to disadvantaged entrepreneurs who may struggle to find funding for their innovative ideas while simultaneously creating a platform that’s trustworthy and advantageous for investors.

One roadblock YouToken faced in bringing this humanitarian inspired idea to the public was the issue of accessibility. With thousands of cryptocurrencies out there in the world, YouToken didn’t want to limit its users to just Bitcoin or Ethereum on the platform. Hence, they made a strategic partnership with the crypto exchange aggregator BestRate.

BestRate aggregates trustworthy exchanges and allows users to buy, sell and exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum and a variety of other altcoins at the “best rate.” You can also buy cryptos with a credit card featuring a low commission. Furthermore, BestRate lets you store coins in your own wallets, meaning you don’t need to entrust them to other trading platforms, resulting in a more secure process. Coins don’t actually pass through the platform itself. Instead, the exchange occurs between the wallets via BestRate’s API.

BestRate does not charge any additional fees for this service. Hence, users get the same amount as if they were using the service provider directly. It was features like this that lead YouToken to form an affiliate partnership with BestRate. Now, users can take advantage of the ICO payment tool on This solution allows users to buy YouToken tokens (YTN) with over 80 different crypto coins and fiat money options. To see the full list of supported coins on BestRate, follow this link.

By working together, YouToken and BestRate hope to make entrepreneurship more accessible for everyone while making investing a more streamlined, efficient and trustworthy process. YouToken has not yet begun their ICO, but you can read through their whitepaper here and join the vibrant discussion on Telegram here.

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