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WinWinCoins to Merge Automatic Trading and Blockchain Technology

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Apr 5, 2022
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Computer programs that are able to complete a given activity without the need for human involvement are known as “robots” (or “bots”). Financial robots are scripts that trade cryptocurrencies on behalf of their owners or users across a variety of exchanges.

Those who are interested in automatic trading should know that WinWinCoins, a new crypto project, is currently launching its technological solution in this sector. The team working on this initiative has shared several details on the features under development.

What Does WinWinCoins Promise?

WinWinCoins’ team promised to take steps to make the process of trading cryptocurrencies as easy as possible. Anyone interested in entering the crypto market may feel puzzled by certain technical aspects of the industry.

WinWinCoins sees an unexploited potential in the investors who decided to avoid the market because of its complexity, and it wishes to simplify the matter for them. A way to achieve this comes from the observation that many trading portals offer a social copy trading mechanism. This technique allows people to copy the experts’ strategy on the market.

In this context, the project desires to allow users to choose the algorithmic strategy they prefer from a broad library. Experts can upload their automated system onto WinWinCoins, letting traders exploit their knowledge.

The developers are designing a way to score each automated strategy’s rate of success on the market, and a similar system will work for investors. By doing so, WinWinCoins wishes to help two sides of the market obtain income:

  • The experts can get crypto rewards based on their contributions to the community.
  • Ordinary traders get to make use of advanced automated investment strategies designed by experienced traders.

The project’s founders said WinWinCoins customers could expect to benefit from three primary advantages.

For starters, there’s the issue of trustworthiness, a common problem in the crypto world, mainly due to the high number of scams in the sector. WinWinCoins promises to introduce a healthy ecosystem, providing users with a fair way to earn money on the market.

As a second point, the project’s automation will be at the core of WinWinCoins. While the team does not plan to introduce its robot tradings directly, it will rely on a community of experts to do so.

The project’s income will go to investors (75%), robot designers (15%), charity (5%), and internal performance funds (5%).

As a final goal, the group hopes to make a single platform available to allow both newcomers and experts to trade side by side. As most traders know, this objective is probably the most ambitious one in the team’s vision.

The Ongoing Pre-sale Round

As we often see in the blockchain sector, WinWinCoins decided to launch a native token named $2WC. We should see the official listing of $2WC in June, but early investors can already put their hands on the token.

The pre-sale phase of the coin opened on March 25th, and it will not end before June 21st. This funding round consists of forty billion tokens, and the pre-sale is available on the project’s official website.

At the time of the writing, the token sales had already overcome 700,000 units at the price of $0.0001 per coin. The team will let traders buy a minimum of $BNB 0.16 per wallet.

WinWinCoins also informed the public regarding the positive outcome of the audit on the smart contracts completed by SolidProof.

Key Takeaways

It is generally easier to build a trading system for a specific category of investors rather than wishing to launch a product fitting everyone’s needs. WinWinCoins’ team decided to set an ambitious goal for its developments, and we will look out for future announcements on the matter.

Once again, we remind our readers that the $2WC presale is ongoing and that everyone can learn more about the project by visiting its website and social media channels.

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