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A Czech team is betting on their cryptocurrency to change the paradigm in the international crypto market.

CitiCash, a new cryptocurrency tagged to ‘Unblock the blockchain’ has been making the rounds of the international crypto market. Created by Citi Lab Czech, a Czech Republic-based company, the cryptocurrency offers to provide limitless functionality and promises to bolster mass adoption even amongst non-enthusiasts.

Developed to allow ordinary people to enter the world of cryptocurrencies, CitiCash offers easier adoption method, simpler UX to make transactions and seamless integration with fiat currency – which often has served as a major bottleneck to the mass adoption of all sorts of cryptocurrencies.

“The development of CitiCash took place from the start in order to remove these obstacles. All tools are therefore extremely simple and do not require any technical background from the users.”, stated Oldřich Šálek, Chief Technology Officer of Citi Lab Czech.

The currency enables debit card integration with CitiCash coins and wallet, making it easier for regular folks to engage with digital transactions. Any user with CitiCash coins in their wallet would be able to request a debit card. Payments in restaurants, retail stores, online retailers or other vendors, thus would be easier to make by adding a debit card. The functionality also makes CitiCash as nifty as a regular bank account.

In addition to that, CitiCash is more intuitive in its use and isn’t as cryptic and difficult as its other crypto counterparts. Inspired by internet banking, CitiCash offers a simpler interface, with a customizable wallet and a functionality to use it on any device.

The CitiCash team consists of 17 full employed developers, product managers, and marketing professionals all of whom have been formative in the process of creating the currency. The idea behind the currency is to expand the utility of crypto and blockchain and to appeal to the customers who have no experience or exposure to cryptocurrencies. In setting this use, CitiCash could enable mass adoption and chart its own market in leading the crypto-brigade in the real-world economy.

To learn more about the currency or the team, you can visit CitiCash’s website or read their whitepaper for a more detailed summary.

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