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Litecoin Faucet

A Litecoin faucet is a site that rewards users with small bits of Litecoin (LTC) for completing simple tasks, such as watching ads or videos or clicking on buttons. It’s the same principle of a Bitcoin faucet, but instead of getting paid in Satoshis, you receive Litoshis.

While you do not earn that much on faucets, it is a simple way for new crypto enthusiasts to acquire LTC without having to go on an exchange to buy it or to mine it. There are many good wallet examples, you just need to choose an LTC -compatible wallet and then find an advantageous Litecoin faucet.


We have made our list to help you find the best Litecoin faucet for you.


MoonLitecoinMoonLitecoin is part of the Moon Faucet platform, which hosts faucets for various other cryptos, such as Bitcoin. This Litecoin faucet can get the free LTC reward for solving images captcha. You can get up to 1,000 Litoshi per claim every five minutes. There is also a tiered bonus program in which you can allegedly increase your earnings by 300 percent.

Payments are directly credited to your CoinPot micro-wallet. To sign up on the site, you can either use your Litecoin wallet address or CoinPot account.


ClaimLTC is a multi-crypto faucet that also offers users the opportunity to earn free LTC. Users can claim up to 2500 Litoshi every five minutes by solving captchas.

The Litecoin earnings are directly deposited into the Faucethub micro-wallet, where users can monitor all the different coins they have made on the platform.


TrasureBitsTreasureBits is a multi-crypto faucet that gives rewards in Litecoin to users that complete captcha and solve media tasks. Through the site, you can also earn in other cryptos, including Bitcoin, Dash, and Dogecoin. There is a five-minute timer for when you can make your claims, where you can earn up to 2651 Litoshi.

In addition to captchas, TreasureBits also includes games, offer walls, and airdrop token options. There is also the possibility of mining LTC directly on the site by using its in-built web miner feature. Payments are sent to the Faucethub micro-wallet. enables users to collect free Litoshis by completing captchas. Per one claim, you can get 0.00000888 LTC, but you can only do this once every 240 minutes, which can be convenient for those who do not want to stay constantly on the site clicking. The platform also hosts a lottery, where each day, users can try their luck to increase their Litecoin earnings.

More than 100,000 users have used the site and made more than seven million claims. Litecoin Faucet made payments of a total of $6,000 to Faucethub wallet users.

Litecoin Faucet

Litecoin FaucetLitecoin Faucet rewards you with free LTC for solving the captcha at a sixty-minute interval.

Most of the users earn around 0.00000600 LTC per claim, while a small number earn 0.03500000 LTC on this site. This is because the site implements a tiered payment system where Litoshis are distributed as such: 500 (30%) 600 (65%) 1500 (3%) 3000 (1.9%) 35000 (0.099%) 3500000 (0.001%).

LitecoinFaucet also includes integration with the Changelly crypto exchange, where users can quickly convert their Litecoin earnings with other cryptos.

The platform requires users to keep their accounts active and make at least one claim every month.

Speedup Litecoin Faucet

Speedup Litecoin Faucet gives free Litoshis for those who complete a variety of tasks on the site, such as solving captchas, solvemedia, and playing games. Every ten minutes, users can claim up to 5166 Litoshis, which also includes the 246 Litoshis you can get while playing dice.

The site also features a tiered bonus that rewards users after they have made 15 claims. Every week, the top ten claimers get a fixed percentage of cumulative claims made through the course of the week.

free litecoinFreeLiteCoin is another Litecoin faucet that offers captcha solving and games that you can complete in exchange for LTC. Every hour, you can stand to collect a maximum of 5,000 Litoshi, and there are no restrictions on how many claims you can make in a day.

The website includes a very generous referral program where users can get 50 percent of any claims made by the new customers they brought to the site. You can also withdraw any amount of Litecoin from your faucet account, as there are no restrictions. On the other hand, users that decide to keep their LTC on the faucet receive a yearly ROI of 6% from Free Litecoin. Users can take a chance to multiply their Litoshi funds by playing on the site “fair multiply games.”

Amber Litecoin

Amber Litecoin is a free Litecoin faucet that lets you make claims of up to 3,300 Litoshi every five minutes. With only five claims a day, you can earn up to 0.00002500 LTC by just solving captchas. Users will have their payouts directly sent to their Faucethub wallet address.

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Whether you enjoy solving captchas, playing games, claiming every 5 minutes or every hour, there is bound to be a Litecoin faucet that perfectly fits your preferences.

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