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What is a Crypto Ad Network

What Is a Crypto Ad Network and How Can You Use It?

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Sep 16, 2022
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Advertising has always been an essential activity for a business’ visibility. And that’s the case for the crypto world as well. Thus, cryptocurrency digital marketing took its place in this industry and became a key factor in driving business growth.   

Unfortunately, crypto ads have become more and more restricted. But as a solution, the crypto ad networks came in and specialized in serving the niche.  

Now, a crypto ad network works like any other ad network, for example, Google AdSense and others. The only significant difference is that the crypto ad networks support crypto-related projects.  

So, crypto advertisers started using these alternative platforms. And as it began to take shape, crypto advertising has amplified business marketing efforts and helped companies reach the right audience with targeted messages and crypto banner ads that convert potential viewers into paying customers. 

To understand the mechanisms that crypto advertising developed, we will discuss how a crypto ad network works, how to advertise on a bitcoin advertising network, and how to win money as a publisher. 

What is a Crypto Ad Network? 

A crypto ad network is an advertising platform that allows any cryptocurrency-related business to use ads to reach a targeted audience by showing the said ads on relevant partner websites. 

Not only does a bitcoin ad network collaborates with hundreds of websites but also apps and various utility tools from the cryptocurrency area. And by using display advertising, the advertiser stands to attract attention and spread brand awareness across the internet globally.  

But how do you choose what is most suitable for your business? Well, after you decide to start using a crypto ads network, you can choose your country, audience, and other targeting options, depending on the campaign you want to create. The campaigns can include crypto banner ads, contextual ads, pop-ups, and more.   

Once the ad is live, the advertiser can track and manage its performance in the ad network’s campaign panel. 

How to Advertise on a Bitcoin Ad Network 

Before starting is essential to know that for the campaign to work efficiently, the publishers must display your banners in the most effective parts of the website. 

Campaign options 

To set up a campaign, you should know your goals better. Maybe you want powerful brand awareness or a positive brand image. A crypto advertising campaign will give you visibility by displaying your crypto banners ads in the visible parts of the publisher’s websites.   

After you know what results you want, you can select your campaign type from the most popular campaign options:  

  • Classic display advertising   
  • Native advertising and in-app native advertising;  
  • Pop-unders  

Classic display advertising typically includes static banners in PNG or JPG formats and dynamic banners designed mainly in HTML5 or GIF.  

But ultimately, it is better to have your designs done by a professional. In that regard, some bitcoin ad networks provide design services. 

Launching the first campaign and tracking 

After setting up your campaign, the next step is to watch it. It is essential to focus on campaign tracking to measure its performance.   

You should follow some metrics, such as date, country, browser, website zone, and operating system. Remember that the campaign report can differ from one platform to another, but for tracking your goals successfully, you may follow the attributes above.   

Another detail you should take into consideration is your budget. The results are closely related to how much money you decide to invest in the campaign.   

Thus, it is vital to optimize your budget and be aware of campaign tracking when optimizing. The budget you set for a campaign will only run to the limit you specify. 

How to Become a Publisher and Earn Cryptocurrency 

The advertising industry adapted and grew faster after Google banned crypto-related companies from advertising. This has led to increased crypto ad networks that can help companies meet their advertising needs and, so, created networks of crypto publishers where advertisers could post their banners.  

Being a publisher and joining a crypto ad network can include many advantages and represent one of the many methods of safely earning cryptocurrency.   

To become a publisher, you must have a website, but not for e-commerce. Then, you will be paid for displaying some ads on the 1000-impression model.  

Becoming a publisher includes earning money from 99% of your traffic, regardless of your geographic location. You can access your funds whenever you want and withdraw your funds via bank transfer, Bitcoin, or Ethereum. 

In Conclusion 

Today, with more than 20,000 crypto projects running on the market, the crypto advertising area started growing daily. Using a crypto ad network brings many benefits for both advertisers and publishers.  

But ultimately, the more active and engaged a project’s user base, the more likely it will succeed in both price appreciation and broader adoption. 

* The information in this article and the links provided are for general information purposes only and should not constitute any financial or investment advice. We advise you to do your own research or consult a professional before making financial decisions. Please acknowledge that we are not responsible for any loss caused by any information present on this website.
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