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Looking for a legit and really profitable place to mine cryptocurrency in the cloud? Take a look at one of the most promising cloud mining platforms that might surprise you. Our spotlight is Hashlists, the UK-based company that brands itself as ‘Home of cryptocurrency cloud mining’. 

What Is Hashlists?

Launched a few years ago in London, England, Hashlists is a cloud mining service that provides globally now. A company was created by an international team of passionate crypto enthusiasts who see digital coins as the future of money and the global financial system. For example, you invest in a plan of $8, and the contract ends after 1 day, and you get a profit of $0.8, for a total of $8 + $0.8. Your funds are instantly transferred to your account and you can easily withdraw or continue investing.

Hashlists is currently operating large data centers in Kazakhstan, Myanmar, and Iceland. Hashlists is also the only company in the world that has been granted a license to support land lease and exploitation by the Kazakhstan government within 5 years. With Hashlists cloud mining, you can invest as little as possible with a 100% chance of making profits.


• Sign up and get $8

• A beginner-friendly platform

• 150% average profitability rate

• Guaranteed returns

• No maintenance or deposit fees

• 24-hour service

• Daily payments and instant withdrawal

• 3% Commission Referral program

• Insurance is given to every investment

Our User Reviews

We have been operating successfully for almost 2 years. The number of Hashlists users is almost 240,000 today! The secret of success lies in stable profit accrual, favorable terms of cooperation, and flawless work. A huge number of people trust us and here are the words of some of them.

How to Start?

It’s that easy to earn cryptocurrency on Hashlists, and we are here to prove it. Follow this mini guide to start making money with one of the most trending British cloud mining providers. 

Making an account on Hashlists is an instant procedure. It will not take a minute to set up your account. There are no verifications required all you have to do is give your mail-id and set your password to set up your account. Yes! Just these two things are asked of you. Follow the steps given below and create your account. 

Click “Register” and enter your email address and password.

If you don’t have the invitation code, you don’t need to fill it in. 

The verification code is in the picture.  

Click on “Register”. And you have your account created. 

Different Plans to Suit You

Hashlistst’s business model is simple: you make a deposit like any bank and automatically receive dividends in USD on your account every day.

Hashlists believes everyone should be entitled to easy passive income. To ensure this is possible, it has a variety of plans for you. The plans range from as low as $8 to as high as $6,500. 

  • Contract Price: $8
  • Fixed Return: $8+$0.8
  • Contract Terms: 1 Days
  • Daily Rate: 10%


  • Contract Price: $100
  • Fixed Return: $100+$5.4
  • Contract Terms: 3 Days
  • Daily Rate: 1.8%


  • Contract Price: $520
  • Fixed Return: $520+$97.03
  • Contract Terms: 10 Days
  • Daily Rate: 1.87%


  • Contract Price: $1,800
  • Fixed Return: $1,800+$700.02
  • Contract Terms: 20 Days
  • Daily Rate: 1.94%


  • Contract Price: $4,000
  • Fixed Return: $4,000+$3,300
  • Contract Terms: 40 Days
  • Daily Rate: 2.06%


  • Contract Price: $6,500
  • Fixed Return: $6,500+$8,200.4
  • Contract Terms: 60 Days
  • Daily Rate: 2.1%

Our Transaction Ranking List

We have a large number of investors from all over the world, their trades are on our leaderboard, this is their completely real trade, the system will always update this leaderboard.

How to Use the Dashboard?

The dashboard is undoubtedly very beginner-friendly. The interface is very simple and easy to understand, and you can see our bills, orders, and order time on the dashboard. In addition, you can view orders from the past three months on the dashboard, or perform top-up and withdrawal operations.

By clicking on the view, you can instantly get a mini-summary of the full order. After placing an order, the amount that says “Balance” at the top will appear on your dashboard as the order. So if you don’t see your balance above, you can find it on the dashboard.

Also, you can click on my profile to set your withdrawal address. If you forget your password, you can easily change it too.

How to Deposit on Hashlists?

To deposit on Hashlists you need to do the following steps:

Click Dashboard — Deposits — Choose Payment System — Enter Amount of Deposit — Click Confirm proceed, the corresponding amount of USDT/BTC/ETH/LTC/USDC will be displayed, A screen like this will pop up. Have a look at the image given below:

You can either scan the QR code or copy the address given below. and then transfer the amount from your crypto wallet to the corresponding wallet address

Note that the minimum deposit amount is $100. 

Once you copy the address or scan the QR code and the payment is made, scroll down to see the deposit history. 

You will find an option called “upload”. Click on that and upload the transaction number of your successful transfer. 

Once done, you will have your deposit made within a few minutes.

How to Withdraw from Hashlists?

To withdraw from Hashlists follow the steps given below:

Click Dashboard — Withdraws — Choose Wallet Address — Enter Amount of Withdraw — Click Withdraw Funds,within 1 hour your withdrawal will be processed and funds will be sent to the wallet of your choice.

Note that if this is your first withdrawal the charges are free, no withdrawing fees for the first withdrawal, and the minimum withdrawal amount is $100. 

The Best Referral Program

A lifetime 3% Commission, Run Your Business Like a Boss.

We give you the opportunity to earn money by recommending our website to others. You can start earning money even if you do not invest. You’ll get 3% of their purchase Each order. For example, if someone purchases a $100 order using your referral code, you’ll get $3 for free.

Hashlists Fees

There are no maintenance and deposit fees involved. However, note that the withdrawing charges are subject to the transaction fees paid to the blockchain being used. The minimum withdrawal limit is $100. Withdrawal charges for each coin are as follows:


BTC : 0.0004 BTC

ETH: 0.004 ETH

DASH: 0.002 DASH

LTC : 0.001LTC


BCH: 0.1 BCH

Note that, charges associated with coins like USDT and LTC are <= $1.

Can I Make Money by Not Investing?

Yes, we have a free experience plan that gives you $8 when you register. You can use $8 to buy the free plan and get $0.8 per day. When you reach $100, you can withdraw money.

Is Hashlists Safe to Use?

As they say, the return on each investment is fixed, the principal is guaranteed, and it is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). They have an insurance policy for every investment. In addition, they guarantee profits to its users. Note that, the insurance is provided through AIG.

Help and Customer Support

For customer support and assistance, you can send questions to [email protected] or use the online customer service that pops up in the bottom right corner of the screen. Online customer service is very good at answering all your basic inquiries, they are online 24 hours and will get back to you in a very short time. If you ask a question, they will ask for your mail to be verified and all your inquiries will be processed.

Is Hashlists Legit?

Yes, Hashlists is totally clear and legal. It’s also 100% secure. Just buy a cloud mining contract and make everyday legal income with small investments. 

What Kind of Wallets Can I Connect?

There are many kinds of wallets that you can save on the Hashlists platform for depositing and withdrawing, that is:


Hashlists Provides Insurance Through Which Company?

Hashlists insures the return of capital amount through AIG insurance company.  

Avoid Scam

Hashlists is safe and secure: Always look for security signs on your browser before you trade. On Hashlists, clients’ funds are kept secured in tier 1 banks, and all of their personal information is guarded under SSL encryption. 

Hashlists has round-the-clock support: The support team is available 24 hours a day on mining days, meaning Hashlists clients always have someone to turn to if they encounter a problem or require assistance.

Regulated mining platforms operate under strict supervision and cannot be scams. Mining is risky, and some people who lose money on mining online are quick to accuse the platform of calling it a “scam.” This is one of the reasons why Hashlists offers risk management tools and allows you to withdraw funds at any time.

Conclusion: Hashlists Review

Among numerous cloud mining companies, Hashlists seems like a bar of natural gold. With a UK-based provider, you get an opportunity to make a high profit by renting hash power to cloud mining. The company is definitely an excellent choice for beginner investors. As well as for experienced miners who search for trusted and gainful cloud mining websites.

Hashlists is a great platform for someone who wants to store their crypto investments and multiply their return with a guarantee. In addition, the platform guarantees the security of your funds, and in case of any losses all of your assets are insured by AIG. 

The interface is beginner-friendly, at the same time the navigation of the platform and other transaction processes are pretty easy to execute. There are no deposit or maintenance fees, the withdrawal charges depend on the gas fees of the blockchain being used.

Notice: The information in this article and the links provided are for general information purposes only and should not constitute any financial or investment advice. We advise you to do your own research or consult a professional before making financial decisions. Please acknowledge that we are not responsible for any loss caused by any information present on this website.
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