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The world’s largest retail corporation, Walmart, has a new idea how to use blockchain-based technology to improve the company’s digital offerings, according to a new patent.

The document, published on 17th May by the U.S. The Patent and Trademark Office describes a blockchain-based ledger that will separately record the items purchased by each customer. This is the latest project filled by Walmart.

Thus, the new system will offer customers the opportunity to store their shopping list after purchasing the products. The climax appears barely here. After the purchased products have been registered, the owner can set a price for resale items, as the system acts as a digital market.

The latest application submitted by Walmart describes how a “distributed delivery record blockchain” will be systematized for each buyer as well the transfers between seller and courier.

The company describes in the document:

By one approach, the transfer from the seller to the courier may require signatures from both the sender and the courier using their respective private keys. The new transaction may be broadcasted and verified by the sender, the courier, the buyer, and/or other nodes on the system before being added to the distributed delivery record blockchain.

 When the package is transferred from the courier to the buyer, the courier may use the courier’s private key to authorize the transfer of the digital asset representing the physical asset from the courier to the buyer and update the delivery record with the new transaction.”

Even if it looks like a promising project, it’s definitely not a unique idea. In comparison, in September 2017, the corporation tested “automated delivery solutions” with a specified number of California participants, which had promising results.

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