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The giant retail company Walmart continues to look for solutions to improve its business using blockchain technology.

The latest patent was published on 5 July and was dubbed “Delivery Reservation Apparatus and Method“. As described in the patent, the world’s largest retail company is looking to use blockchain to track package reservations in situations where the customer is not available at the destination mentioned at check out.

The retail giant seems to consider blockchain technology an innovative tool that would allow it to improve the supply chain in particular. As previously reported by Coindoo, Walmart has submitted several patents in the past involving blockchain. On 14th June was published the latest projects that aim to efficiently distribute the energy consumption through the use of cryptocurrencies.

In the new project, Walmart describes a system that would streamline the delivery chain. Thus, the company plans to design a “system of delivery lockers” that will be located at the customer’s home, or other specially designed places – meant to keep the orders until the customer is available. In the given situation, blockchain technology will be implemented in the system to keep track of whether the lockers are occupied or not.

Each space on the docking station has a corresponding capacity unit for each location on the docking station. The transactions for the capacity units are tracked in a ledger, with available capacity units indicating an open location on the docking station or contracted out capacity units indicating that either the location has a locker secured thereto or that the location is reserved for a future delivery,” Walmart explained, adding that:

In some embodiments, the docking stations utilize a blockchain reservation system. As such, each docking station can be a node within a blockchain network.”

The patent pays attention to a “public ledger“, which indicates that the system will be accessible to all the participants, rather than to some. As reported in the filling, the ledger “contains a record of available and reserved capacity units for the plurality of locker docking stations.”

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