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The hardware wallet is recognized as the safest way to store cryptocurrency. Representing an offline storage, the private information can be stolen only if the hacker manages to steal the hardware device, which seems to be difficult to do at first glance.

However, if you accidentally lose the hardware wallet, you are subjected to risks. Such a case was registered in early April 2018. A crypto asset holder based in Lucerne, Switzerland reported the loss of two hardware wallets together with his personal bag. The estimated value within the wallets is $800,000.00 worth of digital assets.

The victim claims that he does not risk physically preserving his wallets, but at the time of losing the bag, he wanted to check if everything was okay. Thus, from a small inattention, his wallets were stolen.

The man initially offered a $ 40,000.00 reward to any person who holds relevant information and could help him locate the hardware wallets, while last week, he announced that he would pay $ 135,000.

A Keepkey and a Ledger Nano S = $ 800,000

The stolen bag contained a Keepkey, a Ledger Nano S, and an Acer Aspire V3 laptop. The victim seems to be subjected to a high risk, simply because he doesn’t recall the recovery data in order to get the full access to crypto coins and block the external control.

The conclusion of this incident is that any way of storing crypto assets isn’t safe hundred percent. Your digital assets will have a specific vulnerability regardless of their storage nature. In case you lose your immediate access to digital coins, make sure you know the recovery code, even if you have an online back-up.

Try not to repeat what the Swiss man did. Pay attention to the bag containing such tremendous amounts of money and keep it safe.

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