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Versara Trade

Versara Trade makes headlines by launching its new wallet specifically created for investors.

The New York-based company entitles itself as “the world’s first trade finance platform built on blockchain to facilitate crypto credit enhancement on trade finance transactions.”

The Versara Trade Wallet, a product based on accurate market investigation

The company basically follows a trend as more and more companies are currently looking at integrating blockchain technologies to improve their own businesses, particularly in the financial sector. The decision to build this type of wallet was a result of a very thorough investigation. The team responsible for the investigation was comprised of Versara employees and representatives of global banks like Citi and Goldman Sachs.

Versara Trade has allegedly been keeping an eye on the increased demand for platforms that offer banking services as well as digital asset management and investing. The company’s main goal with this release of its wallet is to bring together both crypto and fiat worlds.

“There are hundreds if not thousands of crypto wallets in the market right now. But only a dozen of them let the users invest their crypto assets right inside the wallet,” Sean Liu, the founder, and CEO of Versara declared, EthereumWorldNews reports.

The CEO also added that “Even for those who do provide investment products in their wallets, due to the constraints on their market capacity, you’ll usually find the supply of those products is so limited that you can hardly get a chance to buy into them. We’ll never run out of supply of our investment products. Therefore, Versara Wallet will actually be the first wallet that is capable of generating returns for all its users.”

First wallet of its kind

The Versara Trade wallet is the first wallet of this type, the company claims. It offers users the possibility to invest in multiple markets that offer high returns. As expected, just like most wallets, users are provided with the possibility of sending and receiving digital assets conveniently.


Users will be able to access different blockchains, as well as handle multiple types of investment products and assets. The company hopes to release the first version of the wallet in October this year.

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