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The lawsuit filed last week against and Roger Ver by the “ lawsuit/victims” Telegram group is being closed down due to a shortfall in donations, according to suit’s leader MoneyTrigz.

Lack of Funds Shuts Down Case

Last month, caused quite a stir in the community and media when they changed “Bitcoin” to “Bitcoin Core” and “Bitcoin Cash” to “Bitcoin” on the website, misleading many buyers into buying BCH. The site’s CEO Roger Ver, is a very outspoken supporter of Bitcoin Cash and maintains that Bitcoin Cash is the true Bitcoin.

Thousands of crypt enthusiasts were mad at the site’s alteration, with user @MoneyTrigz pursuing legal action against the website, claiming it was intentionally blurring the lines so that traders ended up buying the wrong cryptocurrency.

A Telegram group was established to unite potential victims and set a base of operation. After two days, a website was created to provide people information on the complaints and what is being done. The lawsuit gained popularity almost instantly and afterwards, changed back many of the controversial changes made on the site. Reacted and Made Required Changes

Earlier today, MoneyTrigz issued an announcement on the Telegram group chat, that he was thinking of closing down the lawsuit after only raising under $4,000 in donations funds. This type of controversial legal battle usually requires hundreds of thousands of dollars, and as a consequence, MoneyTrigz decided to give back the 33 transactions that have been sent so far. When questioned about the decision, MoneyTrigz answered:

“Due to lack of donations we decided to cancel the initiative and refund the 33 transactions received a total of 0.39btc, we are happy at least we were able to make an impact with changing 90% of its dis-information campaign which was accomplished on our own dime and awareness with help from the media.”

A few members in the Telegram group were not satisfied with this decision, but MoneyTrigz argued that without additional funds, nothing could be achieved. Nevertheless, the rest of them were still very pleased with what the lawsuit accomplished by now. One positive user that looked at the better half of things posted:

“Mate, you’ve done a fantastic job. changed [their] website, so even if it doesn’t go further at least you’ve put the fear in them.”

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