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The VeChain Foundation launched on the 3rd of September their VeChainThor Mainnet v1.0.2, according to an official post made on Twitter.

The VeChainThor Mainnet was released in the month of June. The VeChainThor blockchain has integrated tools such as KYC [Know Your Customer] verification. This functionality is supported by its smart contract implementation which provides a higher degree of transparency and efficiency.

The new update is available for users to download on their GitHub page. The team urges its community members to perform the update, as it adds new features and fixes to bugs in the code. The team also improved the blockchain’s performance through this update. Their GitHub page goes offers quick descriptions of these changes.

The source code will be able to handle subscriptions of new blocks, events, and transactions via WebSocket requests, according to the team’s post. In addition to this, the solo attribute also features an extra flag check. The flag allows the block gas limit to be customizable.

Also, the solo attribute now handles errors and log printing better than before. An HTTP header verification named x-genesis-id has been added to prevent the accidental accessing of wrong node instances. Furthermore, by tweaking certain P2P parameters the synchronization has been enhanced.

The update also solved an error in compiling which was related to go1.10.4 and go1.11. The missing address field has also been added in the reaction of POST/logs/events.

In other developments, the VeChain (VET) token was successfully swapped and on 28th August and the Bitfinex exchange announced that trading operations had been enabled for the coin. Moreover, deposits and withdrawals also became available for users yesterday at 16.00 UTC.

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