How to Use Bitcoin in Romania

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Sep 6, 2017
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Some time ago, Bitcoin almost didn’t exist, making it nearly impossible to buy anything with it. In terms of Bitcoin in Romania, you were forced to buy from overseas websites because there were not many possibilities here.

Nowadays, different businesses, both large and small, have begun to accept this coin, making shopping much easier.  Among the Bitcoin-friendly cities are included, primarily, Cluj, Oradea and Bucharest.

You will be presented below, various areas that accept this payment method, along with some store names:

Tourism and travel is a website that provides you with over 1300 low-cost and luxury airlines, giving you the possibility to choose some of the most advantageous services. In addition to standard payment methods, they also introduced Bitcoin payment. is one of the most famous travel agencies in Romania, which allows you to choose from over 100 holiday destinations and thousands of flight services. Besides these, Vola also offers the possibility of renting a car and booking a hotel. From 2016, however, it also included the benefit of paying with this virtual currency. is a website that rents cars all over Romania. It has 6 car classes available and its prices are suitable for any pocket, whether you are using Bitcoin or other currencies.

Shops that accept Bitcoin is a shop of electronics and computer components. They are working with NETOPIA mobilpay since the beginning of 2017. You can choose whether to pay with Bitcoin via a QR code or by transferring to the digital wallet address. is a store of video cameras, which has developed its activity in Southeastern Europe. Currently, they accept payment with Bitcoin via the CoinZone payment processor. Remember, if you pay with Bitcoin, you can also get discounts! is a platform that sells all kinds of electronics, from phones, laptops, tablets, appliances to PC components. You are able to buy all these products with Bitcoins. is dedicated to gamers who are interested in buying (with Bitcoins) T-shirts, caps, figurines or Minecraft toys. and deal with the loading of phone cards, and, more recently, receive Bitcoin (both through wallets and scanning the QR code).

Pubs, restaurants and accommodations that accept Bitcoin in Romania

“La Conu Iancu” is in Bucharest and serves all kinds of traditional Romanian dishes (sarmale, racituri).

Grano Food and Care is another beautiful place that, in its own garden, grows its ingredients.

In Oradea you can find Famous Place, a bar opened in 2011, which is also receiving Bitcoin.

If you have no ideas regarding to accommodation, we recommend Hotel Caro, which is also in Oradea. Besides hotel services and restaurant, it also offers you the opportunity to relax at the spa and pay everything in Bitcoin.

If, instead, you like to eat pizza or any fast food, you can order from Green Box and pay at home with your digital wallet!

Also, if you just want something sweet, you can order at home and pay with Bitcoin at pastry.

Health and body care includes products from the largest companies in the field – Milupa, Daciaplant, Biofarma, Doppel Herz and others. More recently, this site is Bitcoin-friendly. contains only bio products and is also Bitcoin-friendly. Besides edible products, it also contains water purifiers or even products to reduce the radiation emitted by the phones.

The places where you can pay with Bitcoin are not at all restrained, so you can pay in this way even to a psychologist or psychotherapist! We recommend you Vușcan Andreea from Oradea. is a massage center that includes both therapeutic and relaxing messages. He also offers a 30% discount for those who choose to make a payment through Bitcoin.

You can use this kind of payment even at beauty salons such as Giulia Beauty Studio from Buzău or Salon Mistique, from Oradea (aesthetic salon for men).

Sport is a special shop for tennis players, who offers them various articles from this field. Lately, they started to like the idea of Bitcoin and they want to introduce it as a payment method.

The Energym Fitness Club from Brasov has everything you want: fitness, spa, solarium, massage and carat courses. More recently – it also has this kind of digital payment!

Another similar place is NRGym, from Oradea.

Professional Academy has offices in Oradea, Cluj and Satu Mare. They will help you qualify in countless areas, from entrepreneurship to body care.

Fashion belongs to the designer Emilia Voicu, who sells her handmade accessories there and also accepts payment through Bitcoin.

Shea Collection is a women’s store, where they can choose all kinds of clothing for special occasions. Of course, they accept different payment methods.

The photo studio (of Ciprian Neculai – photographer) is in Galați and also accepts this cryptocurrency.

House and garden is a website that only deals with the sale of office furniture, especially ergonomic chairs. Two years ago he also accepted this payment method. added on their website the “I Love Bitcoin” sticker. They deal with sandwich panels and accessories for the construction of industrial halls.

If you are interested in buying wind power plants, solar panels and pumping stations for running water, then you can trust Why? Because you can buy with Bitcoins various quality products.


If you liked the article and you know other places in Romania that accept Bitcoin, please let us know!

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