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How to Use Bitcoin in Germany | 2019 Update

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May 24, 2019
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Germany is one of the most powerful countries in Europe, but once you get there, you must know exactly what you want to do. If you are a person who is up to date with technology and wants to do some shopping using Bitcoins, then you should check out our article.

Let’s see how we can spend our Bitcoins in Germany.

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Food and Drinks

In Hanover, you can find many restaurants serving traditional meals and drinks, and there are also several establishments that accept BTC, such as:

  • Spandau Nord, Engelbosteler Damm 30, 30167
  • Boca Gastrobar, Spichernstraße 7, 30161
  • Das Kleine Museum, Grotestraße 10, 30451

Munich’s food scene has a more modern approach, as it introduces novelties such as Asian spices to ethnic cuisine.  Try some of these unique gastronomical blends at the following restaurants which also accept BTC for their meals:

  • Osteria Blu Notte, Schleißheimer Str. 77, 80797
  • Tian Restaurant, Frauenstraße 4, 80469
  • Vegelangelo, Thomas-Wimmer-Ring 16, 80538

Are you hungover in Hanover? Then a nice cup of coffee might do the trick and freshen you up. The following bars and cafés can give you a cup of java for your bitcoins:

  • 24grad, Engelborster Damm 52, 30167
  • Kaffee V17, Deisterstraße 49, 30449
  • Café Bohne, Limmerstraße 56, 30451

Munich also has a few spots where you can try locally roasted beans and foamy cappuccinos for a few satoshis:

  • Patolli, Sendlinger Straße 62, 80331
  • Standl20, Market on Elisabethplatz, 80796

Not feeling like going out to east? This site allows you to order fast food online wherever you are located. The delivery service accepts bitcoin payments both on their site and application.

Have an absinthe shot at Corvus Absinth, Heßstraße 77 80797

Corvus is a modern absinthe which is made in Germany. The beverage is made out of seven herbs and is distilled in a traditional copper kettle. But the kettle is the only thing traditional, as it accepts modern payment methods like Bitcoin.

Enjoy a very good coffee at Leuchtstoff – Siegfriedstraße 19, 12051 Berlin

Leuchtstoff is where you can enjoy a real (and a very good) coffee. Also, if you are a big fan, you are able to buy coffee beans for home. All of these with Bitcoins!

Have a good time at FLOOR’S – Schönleinstrasse 6, 10967 Berlin

This place is very comfortable, you can come here with your friends and enjoy a coffee or a cup of tea. If you are wishful for tasty things, this place also offers you the opportunity to eat delicious sandwiches, tapas or appetizing cakes.

You should really go to Tres Cabezas – Schlesische Straße 38, 10997 Berlin

If you are interested in going to a place where you feel good and relaxed while enjoying a coffee, you have to come here! The best part is that you can pay with digital coins!

Take a break at Fabelhaft – Schönleinstrasse 6, 10967 Berlin

Here, you can buy some really interesting drinks and have fun with your friends. Fabelhaft is also the place where Bitcoin Mädchenabend was held… Yes, bring your Bitcoins with you!

Try the best delicacies at Room 77 – Graefestrasse 77, 10967 Berlin

This place is recognized as “the restaurant at the end of capitalism.” Get the courage to come and use a Bitcoin ATM to taste the finest dishes! P.S .: It is said that the favorite preparation there is “Peanut Butter Burger”.

Drink a beer without comparison at Rollberger – Mainzer Straße 8, 10247 Berlin

As you’ve surely heard, Germany is very popular for producing and serving the best beers. If you arrive in Berlin, you really need to order a beer from Rollberger. This is one of the best places to enjoy a delicious beer! You can’t spend your Bitcoins on anything better!

Pamper Yourself

Get yourself some new shoes at Fussstolz – Sneakers & More, Limmerstraße 52, 30451

Fusstolz is a shoe store located in the trendy Linden district of Hanover, which is known for having a wide range of accessories, streetwear and sneakers. So if you are looking to get some new kicks with Bitcoin, then this is the shop for you!

Get a wax Waxing Paradies, Franziska-Bilek-Weg 9, 80339,

While you’re in Munich, you can get your skin smooth and hair-free for the summertime at Waxing Paradies. Get your bikini line beach-ready by paying with cryptos such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ether and more.

How to Have Fun

Take a look at Computerspielmuseum – Karl-Marx-Allee 93A, 10243 Berlin

If you like computer games and want to know more about their past, you must go to the Computer Game Museum. Here you can find all sorts of things, you can fall in love with computer game art or you can see how the school games platforms were. You can pay your entrance in BTC.

Spend your time at Legacy BLN – Yorckstraße 53, 10965 Berlin

The capital of Germany has won the title of UNESCO’s City of Design. This is because its boulevards are filled with all sorts of exhibitions and artworks. In addition, you will also find different clothes that will take your breath away!

Live the rhythm at Tricky Tunes – Am Sudhaus 3, 12053 Berlin

We’re sure you’ll always want to enrich your musical taste, so you’d really like this place! You have a collection of wonderful records that are just waiting for you to discover them.

This has been our list of all the places where you can spend your Bitcoins in Germany. Feel free to complete the list using the comment section below.

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