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How to Use Bitcoin in France

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Sep 15, 2017
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France has become the destination of many people, of all nationalities and of all personalities. This place is one of the most visited in the world, and it seems normal that payment methods here are more advanced than elsewhere. Bitcoin has become a strong cryptocurrency in recent years and it has come to be used by many of us. Therefore, France is now a Bitcoin-friendly country.

For example, Paris, the capital of France, is a perfect place to spend your Bitcoins. It has countless boulevards full of shops of all kinds, and many of them are more than ready to accept your payment in Bitcoins. So pack your things!

Here are the places where you can spend your Bitcoins:

Check out Europe’s First Bitcoin Centre

La Maison du Bitcoin is Europe’s first Bitcoin center in Paris, France. Thomas France and Eric Larchevêque came up with this idea when they wanted to make a place for all entrepreneurs to meet and talk about Bitcoin. Here you can find a lot of Bitcoin-related businesses that aim to develop this digital coin. You can also find a Bitcoin ATM!

Try their delicious French cuisine

If you’re looking for a brilliant place to eat here, we recommend Le Pitcoin. It’s a place in Paris that relies solely on fresh products, so it doesn’t even have a microwave or a freezer.

Considering this, their menu changes very often, depending on the season. The best part is that you can pay for these goodies with Bitcoins!

Also, if you want to go somewhere and just watch a football match with a beer in your hand, you have the perfect place at SOF’s bar. Here, the atmosphere is very relaxing and it’s ideal to come with your friends. When you go home, you pay off with Bitcoins!

Another great place is O’CAIRE, a small bar that delights you quality music and refinement!

Fall in love with French Art!

As you know, France has brought some of the most talented and famous artists, such as Van Gough and Edouard Manet. If you like beautiful things, which stand out, if you like art and everything that’s special, we are waiting for you at Mark Hachem Gallery’s Paris location. Here, you admire various artworks and you can even buy some of them with Bitcoins!

Passage du Grand Cerf is a historic area in Paris which hosts over 25 shops, restaurants and art exhibitions. If you pass by, you must visit all of its corners. And yes, you can spend your Bitcoins here!


Recently, you can spend your Bitcoins on buses! In France, its third largest bus company accepts Bitcoin. Isilines wants to test for 6 months the payment with Bitcoin, which is great for us! It’s also the first transport company to take this initiative!

You can use Bitcoin ATMs

If you go to this address – UNPI 34 Chambre des Propriétaires et Copropriétaires 23 Boulevard du Jeu de Paume – , you can find a Bitcoin ATM installed by GrupoBTC France, a franchise of ATM Bitcoin Exchange. This ATM allows you to purchase and also to sell Bitcoins.

France is an important and developed capital of Europe, so if you want to take your Bitcoins and go shopping or partying, this is your country!

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