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URUNIT, the first and only online gambling platform managed by its community, has announced today its new partnership with ATB Coin and will now accept payments and investments in ATB Coin.

ATB Coin is a one-of-a-kind blockchain-based cryptocurrency designed to deliver blazing fast, secure and near-zero cost payments to anyone in the world. It is designed to overcome well-known inefficiencies within government central banks and other cryptocurrencies.

“High speed and security of transactions along with other wonderful features make ATB Coin an extremely valuable resource for URUNIT and its community” said Roman Grushkovsky, CEO of U Run It, Ltd. “Partnership with ATB Coin will definitely provide more opportunities to all members of URUNIT community as we build our platform and revolutionize the gambling industry.”

Investments and payments in ATB Coin will be accepted during pre-ICO and ICO stages. ATB Coin will also be integrated in the platform once it’s developed.

Moreover, ATBCoin holders will receive additional 40% bonus when they buy URUN tokens with ATBCoin.


URUNIT is the first gambling platform managed by its community. That means, absolutely all games, card tables, machines, lotteries, etc. are hosted and managed by the users of the platform. In other words, the payers themselves control the house, host games and receive most of the profit collected during the games. URUNIT is a revolution in the gambling world that will change the rules of the industry once and for all.

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About ATB Coin

ATB (Alternative Technology Base) Coin is an innovative decentralized cryptocurrency incorporating the advanced technologies that tailor the needs of primary market players – users, investors, and business owners. It supports an unlimited number of transactions between different devices at high speed with its Lightning Network technology, which also makes it a viable option for micropayments.

ATB Coin incorporates the best features of POS-based crypto currencies, in the same time

it is beefed up with SegWit, and Lightning Network protocols. On top of that, ATB Coin boasts a wide array of features such as user-friendly and lightweight wallets, cloud mining availability, forging incentives, and so much more.

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