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Following a research realized on the territory of Ukraine, 57 important personalities held over 21,000 Bitcoins in 2017. Most of them are located in the Odessa region and some are members of the Ukrainian Parliament. Another study has shown that in 2017 the largest amount of cryptocurrency in Ukraine was held in the form of Bitcoin Cash.

The study was conducted by Opendatabot and published on their official website on January 22, 2018. The main target was Ukrainian politicians, which were inspected concerning the amount of cryptocurrencies they held.

A total number of 57 politicians declared a quantity of over 21,000 Bitcoins. According to the new regulation implemented by the government of Ukraine, all politicians are obliged to declare their wealth held in virtual currencies. This measure was introduced to control and reduce the corruption. The Opendatabot is a service that makes public official information of important Ukrainian companies as well as politicians.

They declared that “The largest number of bitcoin owners work in the Odessa regional council, in the second place – the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine”.

Another local media source – RBC reported that “According to the research, all officials have [a total of] 21,128 bitcoins”. However, this amount does not include all the values held by officials in the Ukrainian currency – hryvnia.

The person who held the largest amount of declared Bitcoins in the past two years was Dmytro Ivanovych Holubov, declared Opendatabot. He declared an amount of 4,376 BTC in 2015.

The second person with the largest amount of cryptocurrencies in Ukraine is Anatoliy Ihorovych Urbansky. He declared an amount of 4.256,3278 Bitcoins in 2016.

According to the declarations made by the end of 2017, the politicians owned about 195.4 million hryvnia in the form of cryptocurrencies. On 1 August, 2017, the deputy named Dmitry Palpatin Viktovovich has declared 7.711 Bitcoin Cash, reported Opendtabot.

The legislation in force in Ukraine does not support or prohibits the use of cryptocurrencies on the territory of the country. Instead, the National Bank does not accept any of altcoins in order to manage various transactions.

What do you think about the Ukrainian crypto holders? Will Ukraine tax these assets in the future?

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