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Another cryptocurrency mining malware has been identified. A Github user found in the 2048buntu and Hextris applications available on the Ubuntu Snap Store something unexpected.

The malware was identified on 11 May. Through a detailed investigation, it was found that the malware contained a hidden code from Bytecoin. For those who don’t know, Bytecoin is a crypto asset built on the CryptoNote concept.

Both 2048 and Hextris applications were added on Store by user “Nicolas Tomb“, who holds the email address “[email protected]”.


A crypto mining infection utilizes the power of the user’s device to mine any crypto assets. Once the device has been infected, the malware will consume an enormous amount of electrical energy (a cause for concern if you see too expensive bills). There have been situations where mining malware has really destroyed the device.

According to OmgUbuntu, “All the uploaded apps will undergo automatic testing to ensure compatibility across multiple distros and with current framework snaps are not checked line-by-line, so it is difficult to stop these miners being published on the Snap store.”

The malware has already been removed from Ubuntu Snap Store.

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