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Twitter has bought San Francisco-based tech business Smyte, that specializes in “safety, spam, and security issues.”


Twitter has made the announcement on 21st June via a blog post. The social media giant describes the new acquisition as a continuous process of ensuring safety to Twitter accounts.

Smyte’s products will help us address challenges in safety, spam and security more quickly and effectively,” reported Twitter Safety. “Their review tools and processes will be powerful additions to our own tools and technology that help us keep Twitter safe. We’ll integrate this technology to strengthen our systems and operations in the coming months.”

About the crypto community’s reaction

The blockchain and crypto communities have reacted positively at the announcement made by Twitter, claiming that the social media wants to fight once and for all against online scams and frauds.

Lately, the Twitter platform has been fired with fake giveaways, scam profiles, malware links and others. The social media has become a promotional platform for both investors and existing crypto firms. Views about “Crypto Twitter” are shared.

This is how a Scam Giveaway looks like

Here’s what the crypto community commented on about the Twitter’s announcement:

We want to believe that Smyte will support Twitter in combating online fraud. Introducing the purchased company’s services could definitely improve the users’ experience.

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