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The creator of Dogecoin Jackson Palmer has taken the infamous adult romance novel Fifty Shades of Grey and made it better. How? By infusing it with blockchain terminology. His latest project is a Twitter bot that takes dialogue from the book and mixes it with blockchain whitepaper jargon.

Fifty Shades of Grey became recognized worldwide after its publication in 2011 publication, landing the lists of top bestsellers from all over the world, even producing a series of films with based on the novel and its following sequels.

But in spite of the success of its sales’ numbers, the book is widely regarded as a literary disaster, with negative reviews from book critics and readers, noting the low quality of its writing and the thin plotline. The novel’s drawbacks paradoxically made it even more commercially successful, spawning numerous parodies which brought it more exposure.

Since the poorly written erotic prose is an abundant supply of materials for jokes and memes, Jackson Palmer thought that a Twitter bot that parodies the book and uses cryptocurrency slang would please many crypto enthusiasts that are looking for a laugh. The bot has already amassed over 3,000 followers since it was first released several days ago.

The bot uses raunchy, incoherent BDSM-themed lines from the book and substitutes certain words with random phrases or words taken from cryptocurrency whitepapers to make amusing, non-sequitur constructions.




The newly created bot was named @blockshade, its creator urging its fans to “Make sure to follow @blockshade, it’ll post some deliciously sinful new #crypto analysis each day.”

He gave some details regarding how the phrases are selected, relating that he “forced a bot to read Fifty Shades of Grey and a ton of cryptocurrency whitepapers and then asked it to tweet some blockchain fanfic.”

However, Palmer specifies that the Markov chains process of compiling the two information sources does not always process things accurately and that he does curate certain tweets for posting, personally selecting the ones that have some sense while removing the ones that are unintelligible.

Palmer also appears to be open to incorporate suggestions from its followers, telling one fan that he will he use the whitepaper of the pornography-themed cryptocurrency Spankchain as he suggested.

The account has been launched just a couple of days ago, but the main focus is to adapt more passages of the book for the amusement of crypto and blockchain enthusiasts from the online environment.

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