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Yesterday, Ryan Taylor, CEO of Dash Core, had his social media accounts and smartphone seized by hackers, who posted vulgar and racist comments on his Twitter account in particular as well as persecuting Justin Sun of Tron.

A 4chan thread was created in the anonymous online forum in the /biz section which handles topics related to business and finance. In this thread, a user said that it had taken over Taylor’s Twitter account and proved this to the other users before requesting that they vote on new posts and offer proposals. The other members wasted no time in coming up with suggestions.

“you should do a fake exit scam and cause DASH to dump lol”

“Post that all Dash private transactions will be revealed because dash users have nothing to hide”

“NOOOO!!!! You should have posted a believable FUD about dash being bankrupt or closing down and we could have bought the dip!!!”

The posts made included racist memes and self-deprecating commentaries, and the hacker also offended Justin Sun of the Tron project on request and proclaimed that bitcoin cash was the real bitcoin, as well as announcing fake collaborations at the request of other users.

Images of typed messages ready to be sent awaiting community response and approval, like the declaration that Coinbase would never list Dash, were also posted by the cybercriminal.

Taylor discovered that his account had been hacked after approximately an hour, and said:

“It has come to my attention that I have been the target of cybercriminals at some time this afternoon (Wednesday, 5/9). At the moment, my Twitter account, LinkedIn account, and personal cell phone SIM card have been compromised. However, we’re still evaluating the extent of the attack, as additional channels could be compromised. I will continue to share details as they are surfaced.”

The hacker apparently trolled CMO Fernando Gutierrez who commented that the hacker may have “brain damage” considering what activities he did on the Twitter account, according to images posted on 4chan.

After a few hours of having no control over the improper tweets that were being posted, Taylor tweeted to say that he had finally managed to take back is account.

The price of DASH tokens does not appear to have been negatively affected by the event, its value actually experiencing a 4.7% increase over the last 24 hours despite the attempts made by the 4chan user or users.

4chan is renowned for doing similar ruses like this, with other incidences including breaking in to the accounts of actress Jennifer Lawrence to leak private photos and pursuing actor Shia LaBeouf to find the secret location of his livestream project by learning the flight patterns and contrails of airplanes in the video and identifying the place before taking down LeBeouf’s anti-Trump flag and substituting it with pro-Trump material.

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