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The Tron Network is proudly announcing that they have listed their native and transaction currency TRX to one of the leading blockchain asset exchange platforms in the world, KuCoin.

Deposits can now be executed with trading pairs such as TRX/BTC and TRX/ETC. Buying starts at 19:30 UTC+8 and Selling/Withdrawal at 20:00 UTC+8.

Transactions can be done utilizing KuCoin’s App or to their website at

About Tron Network (TRX)

TRON (TRX) is a blockchain–based cryptocurrency platform that aims to decentralize content-sharing on the World Wide Web and the Internet as a whole. It gives artists and creators the possibility of releasing their content without having to use centralized 3rd party platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, and the like.

The Company behind the TRON Project

Mr. Justin Sun founded the TRON Foundation in September 2017 with a headquartered in Singapore. The cryptocurrency project associated with it is called the TRON Block Explorer or the

TRON Network (TRX)

The TRON coin is one of the advanced and most popular cryptocurrencies on the market. However, it aims to create a platform that is very different from the typical cryptocurrencies.

The TRON Foundation looks forward to gearing up with the digital content and entertainment business. It worked on the same concepts of decentralization and distributed storage technology but targeted at the massive global content and entertainment sector. Content sharing will be implemented via the blockchain and its peer–to–peer (p2p) network technology. In essence, the TRON Network goes beyond the uses of conventional cryptocurrencies:

  • Eradicate middlemen who connect content creators to users.
  • Content creators to receive revenue directly from their users and consumers.
  • Apart from eradicating middlemen in the payment process, this also reduces traffic dependency on sites such as Facebook, etc. This is because traffic will be streamlined back to the content creators, removing the need for hits and views on middleman sites.

The TRON Network (TRX) Roadmap Plan

The TRON Network (TRX) is currently in the first phase of their roadmap. This stage, called Exodus, which is converged on data liberation. The purpose is to have a fully functional platform to publish, store, and share digital content by the end of the year 2018. In its current phase, it has the advantage of being less likely to have glitches in the code since it has previously been tested.

Apart from the Exodus phase, here are the other phases of the TRON Network’s roadmap:

  • Phase 2: Odyssey – This phase focuses on eradicating middlemen services and giving the profits directly to content publishers.
  • Phase 3: Great Voyage – Scheduled to start in Summer 2020, this phase explains why TRON’s current code structure resembles Ethereum as its purpose is to allow for “Personal Initial Coin Offerings,” similar to Ethereum token sales. In other words, individual content creators can hold ICOs to raise capital that allows them to produce more and better content.
  • Phase 4: Apollo – Aims to create a fully decentralized trading platform for all the individual tokens created on Tron.
  • Phase 5: Star Trek – Takes the concept to the next level by developing a decentralized gaming platform for developers to produce online games.
  • Phase 6: Eternity – Allows developers to create entire gaming platforms on Tron and facilitates general investors to fund in specific games and platforms.
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