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TRON (TRX) and vSport, the biggest sports blockchain-powered platform, are set to shake hands and share resources towards creating the first ever Football-oriented blockchain project.

Both partners aim to collaborate in order to deliver premium football content in a decentralized and convenient fashion with the help of blockchain technology.

TRON and vSport currently in the spotlight

In regards to this fruitful partnership, TRON’s creator, Justin Sun tweeted: “Very excited for the #TRON + vSport partnership, a powerful alliance to leverage blockchain technology for solving issues in the soccer& sports industry. Sports fans: Get ready for a major user experience reboot! @vSport_io @sneijder101010 $TRX #TRX”

The tweet was soon followed by Wesley Sneijder’s response, also via Twitter: “Looking forward to our cooperation! #Tron and #vSport”

With both parties seeming very enthusiastic about this partnership in the light of the oncoming 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, Tron’s founder gratefully declared: “Thanks for the support from @sneijder101010 before the 2018 World Cup. Wesley Sneijder was one of the three best midfielders in the world for 2010 by FIFA. He was awarded the 2010 Bronze Boot, the 2010 Silver Ball. @FIFAWorldCup #TRON #TRX $TRX #TRONSR”

vSport co-founder, Qiang Bai, was also quoted as being very fond of the partnership and the associated potential in a Medium article: “With sports models of the past, it is hard for fans to get rewards in exchange for their enthusiasm and contributions, which causes serious imbalance in the value structure. Collaborating with TRON allows us to join forces with another strong company, leveraging our soccer and sports resources to solve difficult soccer and sports industry-related issues. We will work together to build and nurture a healthy soccer and sports ecosystem. I believe this will be a great way to give back to soccer fans around the world.”

TRON and vSport partnership comes at the perfect moment, right before the World Cup

The stakes are high and both parties know that if this partnership goes well, they could be on the brink of doing something great for the world of football. With TRON’s MainNet launch just around the corner (scheduled on 31st of May), this partnership is the best type of publicity for TRON. One other benefit of this partnership might be the value increase for the TRX coin.

TRON is currently the world’s largest blockchain-based dApp and aims to fully decentralize the web by providing an all-around accessible infrastructure. This is also a very good opportunity for vSport to expand its domination and grab a significant share of the sporting industry, by creating a complete football ecosystem.

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