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In spite of the somewhat unworthy views of the general public in regards to cryptocurrencies and all things surrounding them, both cryptocurrencies and their underlying technology are actively improving various important aspects of this world.

September announces itself as being a very good month for noteworthy cryptocurrency events, conferences in particular. Cryptocurrency and blockchain conferences have the praiseworthy role of educating and involving the masses in the latest trends of these useful technologies.

If your agenda allows it, then you might be interested in checking out some of the most important blockchain and cryptocurrency events that will take place over the course of this month. That said, here’s our list of top cryptocurrency events you should look out for in September 2018:

BlockWorld (12-14 September, 2018)

With an expected number of over 2,000 participants such as blockchain developers, IT managers, and professionals, as well as investors, 75 exhibitors, 50 involved startups and more than 200 speakers, the BlockWorld is definitely the most important event of this sort in the first half of this month.

The 2-day conference is scheduled to take place between 12-14 September at the Convention Center, in San Jose, USA. Attendees will be kept busy and entertained by the staggering number of main stage presentations, expo stages, and workshops. The main theme of this year’s BlockWorld is “Developing the Decentralized Cloud.”

The conference will touch on subjects such as blockchain tech, smart contracts, decentralized applications, as well as on the effects that this tech has on the finance industry and on how it will change the enterprise implementations of identity and security, among others.

The featured speakers list includes big names such as Brian Behlendorf (founder and CEO, Hyperledger), Kartik Gada (Executive Director, Woodside Capital Partners), Casey Gardiner (CEO, BlockIDE), Jodee Rich (CEO, PeopleBrowsr), Heidi Yu (CEO,, Aurelien Nicolas (CTO, Sapien Network), and Jacek Materna (CTO Assembla).

Litecoin Summit (14-15 September, 2018)

Scheduled to take place between 14-15 September in San Francisco, US, the Litecoin Summit is the world’s first Litecoin-oriented event of this sort. It will offer Litecoin enthusiasts the chance to learn more about the underlying technologies of Litecoin as well as about the Lightning Networks, Bitcoin-based smart contracts and more.

One of the main selling points of this conference is the great number of important speakers as well as YouTube influencers. The speaker list is led by big names such as Charlie Lee (Litecoin’s creator), Xinxi Wang and Franklyn Richards (Litecoin foundation directors), Eric Winer (VP of Engineering Gemini), Michael OU (CEO of CoolBitX), Elizabeth Stark (CEO and co-founder of Lightning Labs), Caleb Yeoh (Travel by Bit), and many others.

When it comes to the YouTube stars line-up, we have CoinDaddy, Bitcoin for Beginners, FUD TV, Crypto Blood, Crypto Love, Coin Stories, Bitcoin Uncensored, Cryptonauts, and Bitcoin Sessions.

Blockchain in Oil and Gas (20-21 September, 2018)

This is definitely one of the most unconventional but particularly interesting crypto conferences scheduled for September. As its name suggests, this 2-day conference aims to deliver top quality content from the leading oil and gas companies that are ready to embrace blockchain technologies.

In short, attendees will be provided with the opportunity of learning how and why blockchain tech such as cryptocurrency, smart contracts, distributed data, and public ledgers are going to redefine the oil and gas industries. The content will be “served” via a series of interactive panel discussions, expert keynotes, and industry case studies.

The event has an impressive list of speakers, among which we find Tim Airey (Technology Principal at BP), Ken Ebest (Application Architect at ExxonMobil), Tetyana Colosivschi (Director, BD & Strategic Partnerships at ConsenSys), etc. For more information on the event, either visit the official website or feel free to download the conference’s brochure.

Blockchain Game Summit (25-26 September, 2018)

The Blockchain Game Summit is a different type of blockchain conference, one that promises to mix the most interesting aspects of blockchain technology with the gaming industry. Attendees will have the opportunity to mingle with important representatives of both the video game and the blockchain industry leaders.

The 2-day conference is set to take place in Lyon, France, between 25-26 September at the Confluence Museum (the Musée des Confluences). The conference will provide you with the option to discuss interesting topics such as asset storage on the blockchain, graphic design, standard decentralized exchange protocol, blockchain implementation in game design, etc.

Finally, there are the speakers that will probably make this conference very much worth your while. Some of the biggest names are Marguerite deCourcelle (CEO, Neon District), Daniel Kraft (CTO, Xaya), Nicolas Pouard (Blockchain Initiative Manager, Ubisoft), Mickey Maher (Head of Revenue and gaming partnerships, CrytpoKitties), Jerome de Tychey (ConsenSys) and many others.


Blocfest (26-27 September, 2018)

Blocfest 2018, southeast Asia’s international blockchain event, is scheduled to take place between 26-27 September in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, at Shangri-La Hotel. Even though it’s the first international blockchain event in Malaysia, it promises to be one of the biggest conferences of its kind within the Asia space. It will bring together over 30 guest speakers, and it will be the perfect place for any crypto aficionado eager to connect with investors, developers, and crypto influencers.

The speaker list is nothing short of impressive as it boasts important figures such as DJ Qian (Founder, Fusion), Nick Giurietto (CEO & Managing Director, ADCA), Lon Wong (Founder, ProximaX Ltd), Jonathan Ha (CEO, Red Pulse), Tim Tam (Co-founder and CEO, CoinFi), Robin Lee (Co-founder and CEO, HelloGold) and many others.

If you’re feeling up for it, make sure you check off the list at least one of the top cryptocurrency events for September. We hope you enjoy!

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