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Top Cryptocurrency Events You Should Look Out for in October

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Oct 1, 2018
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Conferences and summits are great places where one can learn more about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. If you are a crypto enthusiast and you’re looking to expand your knowledge in this field, here is our list of top cryptocurrency events you should look out for in October.

1. Swell by Ripple

Event date: 1-2 October 2018

Location: San Francisco, California

Swell is an event hosted by Ripple which gathers the world’s foremost experts on policy, payments, and technology in one place, for the most provocative discussion regarding today’s global payments.

At the event there will be speaking the 42nd President of the United States Bill Clinton, Gene Sperling- National Economic Council Director and National Economic Advisor under Presidents Clinton and Obama, Brad Garlinghouse-  the CEO of Ripple, and Ed Metzger-Head of Innovation at Banco Santander.

Swell Ripple

2. 3rd Blockchain for Finance Conference

Event date: 2-4 October 2018

Location: Dublin, Ireland

This year’s event is expected to have over 350 leading figures from the blockchain industry. Blockchain for Finance Conferences will be focusing on blockchain’s impact on the financial sector, and how this technology has made a significant change in the industry.

Last year’s event included notable players from the financial sector, both Ireland natives and from overseas.

The conference will be attended by Mariana Gómez de la Villa -Global Program Manager Blockchain from ING, Jeremy Wilson- Vice Chairman at Barclays, Barry Childe- Head of Distributed Leger and Crypto Technology at HSBC, and Laurent Marochini- Head of Innovation & Quality at Société Générale.

Crypto Blockchain Events

3. HackIT 4.0

Event date: 8-11 October 2018

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

HackIT is an annual forum dedicated to cybersecurity and how blockchain technology is applied in information security, Exploit Blockchain being the forum topic.  Professional tech developers and leading security experts will congregate here to discuss new ideas, solutions and much more. The event is expected to have 1,200 attendees.

The speakers at this forum will be Abdul-Aziz Hariri from TrendMicro Zero Day Initiative and Seyfullah Kilis, CEO at SwordSec.


4. HoshoCon – Blockchain Security Conference

Event date: 09-11 October 2018

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

HoshoCon will be the first conference of its kind and will cover a range of curated topics that deal with blockchain security. The conference will be bringing together major cybersecurity leaders for three days of debates and exhibitions on the newest technologies designed to prevent hacking and damaging breaches in the blockchain community.

This B2B conference will also feature startups and enterprise companies, as well as top security professionals, technologists, lawyers, and developers from the industry who are developing the next generation of technology and applications in blockchain security.

Along with important speakers and presentations by notable experts, HoshoCon will be welcoming 1,000 guests, and dedicated panels and workshops track for developers. The conference will also host a hackathon enabled by multiple DEF CON Black Badge recipients — the winners of the elite DEFCON competition — in addition to a mentorship program intended to connect mentors and attendees for private sessions, which will be continued by nightly entertainment.

At the conference, there will be speaking Michael Perklin- CISO ShapeShift AG and Mikko Ohtamaa, CTO at TokenMarket.


5. Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference

Event date: 10 October 2018

Location: Minsk, Belarus

On October 10, the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference will take place in Belarus. The event will focus on matters related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Here, reputed industry experts, blockchain enthusiasts, startup creators, and entrepreneurs will join and discuss aspects of the merging technology.

At the event there will be speaking: Evgeniy Romanenko- Crypto-economist and Alexander Bondar- Partner, Sysouev, Bondar, Khrapoutski.

6. EWPN Amsterdam 2018

Event date: 15-16 October 2018

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

The conference will feature interactive panels, workshops, and plenary sessions with industry female leaders.

EWPN believes that by providing a positive arena in where women can come together to talk about matters related to Women in FinTech (Payments) Leadership, female founders, reducing the gender gap, this will further inspire girls to pursue a career in this industry sector.

At the event there will be present: Catherine Wines- Co-Founder & Director at WorldRemit Ltd, Nilixa Devlukia-Seconded National Expert at European Banking Authority, Tanya Ziv- Chief Compliance Officer and MLRO at Currencycloud, and many others.

EWPN Amsterdam 2018

7. Blockchain Solutions World

Event date:16-18 October 2018

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Blockchain will have a great impact on the public and private sectors; it is shaping our digital environment. Blockchain Solutions World will be debating solutions and real-world appliances, with special emphasis on different vertical sectors: transport and logistics, manufacturing and supply chains, healthcare and medicine, energy, real estate, entertainment, and government.  This event will be one of the largest of its kind to be held in Spain, expecting nearly 18,000 attendees.

Keynote speakers at this event will be Eion Connoly from ConsenSys and Jon Matonis from Bitcoin Foundation.

Blockchain Solutions World

8. Crypto Invest Summit

Event Date: 22-24 October 2018

Location: Los Angeles, California

Crypto Invest Summit is a conference and summit that will be presenting sustainable investing in blockchain technologies. The event will be bringing together some of the most prominent innovators and industry leaders from the world of blockchain and crypto.

This crypto conference is a must for die-hard enthusiasts. It will be presented on two stages that will be hosting insightful discussions with a wide list of successful and powerful leaders and speakers.

Here you will be able to meet in person and network with top business figures and technology leaders.

The following speakers will be present at the event: Steve Wozniak- Apple CoFounder, Tim Draper- Draper University, Dan Morehead- Founder and CEO Pantera Capital, Kavita Gupta –Founding Managing Partner at ConsenSys, David Weild IV-Former VC of NASDAQ and many, many others.

Crypto Invest Summit

Final words

This has been our list of the top events that will focus on crypto and blockchain related matters for the month of October. If you are interested, do not hesitate to sign up now!

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