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Top Cryptocurrency Events You Should Look Out for in January 2019

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Jan 1, 2019
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The first month of the new year features a packed schedule of conferences and events that should interest any avid cryptocurrency enthusiast or investor.

Blockchain Connect Conference

Event date: 11th  January 2019

Location: San Francisco USA

Hosted by SV Insight, Blockchain Connect Conference: Academic 2019 will be the third iteration of such event. “Academic” is the prior word this entire conference will be based on.

San Francisco will be welcoming some of the most imposing professors from the global scene of the blockchain, the projects that implement the most advanced technology, and tech experts. There will be discussions focused on the newest of emergent blockchain academic research, issues, and solutions.

Events will include keynote speeches and panels that will be examining a wide spectrum of subjects from implementation, to the next big breakthroughs in this industry.

At the event there will be speaking: Vitalik Buterin- creator of Ethereum; Dawn Song- Professor at UC Berkeley and Co-founder of Oasis Labs; Slava Rubin- Founder of Indiegogo and Co-founder of Humbition.


Event date: 13- 15th January 2019

Venue: Washington DC, USA

BlockChainge DC 2019 will assemble the most relevant people from diverse fields, which will be engaging in discussions focusing on crucial blockchain- enabled solutions and problems. Over 500 specialists, industry front-runners, government officials, attorneys, will be attending.

BlockChainge DC 2019 is an event which caters to all crypto enthusiasts, regardless of their level of experience in this sector. This event will take an immersive approach to generate understanding and practical insights which can help you plan the future of your organization.

Among the people which will be speaking are: Warren Davidson- Congressman of U.S. House of Representatives, Jalak Jobanputra- Founding Partner of Future\Perfect Ventures, Jose Arrieta- Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary for Acquisition US Department of Health and Human Services.

World Digital Asset & Blockchain Congress

Event date: 16-17th January 2019

Location: Dubai UAE

Organized by DAIBC, this year’s World Digital Asset and Blockchain Congress will be hosted in Dubai where more than 200 top investment businesses, blockchain service providers, financial services and higher-ups from the cryptocurrency exchanges industry will be attending.

The topics discussed here will include the perspective of global blockchain technology, as well as the use cases and appliances of blockchain technology in multiple industry sectors. Over 30 current subjects will be explored through the amplest case study of innovation project examples, which will also help you have an idea as to how the future of blockchain will look like in the next years.

The United Arab Emirates is the newest country to follow the example of other pro-blockchain countries such as Malta and Singapore, showcasing desires to be one of the world’s most developed crypto and blockchain hubs. The UAE launched a blockchain initiative which intends on relocating half of all government transactions on a blockchain by 2021.

Speakers: Mohit Davar-  Co-founder Huobi Mena, AMOL BAHUGUNA- Head of Payments and Cash Management, Mahmoud Al-Hader- asset Information Section Head AI Ain Distribution Company.

Update: Due to several factors, the organizers announced the event has been postponed to April 2019.

The North American Bitcoin Conference

Event date: 16-18th January 2019

Location: Miami FL, USA

Keynote will be greeting 4,500 delegates at this year’s iteration of one of the most important crypto events of 2019. Their previous conference has succeeded in attracting a high number of leading names from the industry, and they have shown that ICOs are developing at an exponential rate.

Notable speakers at the event will be: David Chaum- Inventor of Digital Cash, Dr. Patrick Byrne-Founder of and t0.

Source: Bitcoin News

niTROn SUMMIT 2019

Event date: 17- 18th January 2019

Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

niTROn Summit 2019 will be a meeting place for specialists and connoisseurs from a broad spectrum of industries and startups that are engaged in blockchain-based activities.

Event delegates will be able to take part in engaging conversations with the dedicated community of the TRON ecosystem. Learn what implementations are in store for this technology in the future industries as they will adopt blockchain for real-world use cases.

The event will be expecting the following people to speak: Justin Sun- CEO of TRON & BitTorrent, Kobe Bryant- CEO of Kobe Inc., Feng Wang- CEO of Mars Finance.

Emerging Technology Conference & Convention

Date: 22- 23rd January 2019

Location: Singapore

MIT Technology Review once again organizes EmTech Asia, an event which merges technology, business, and culture. The convention will be gathering all sorts of breeds of tech experts, from innovators and researchers, to venture capitalists and the executives which represent the core of this new technological ecosystem.

The two-day conference will be featuring 40 speakers, in addition to 10 innovators under 35, and 1000 tech leaders. EmTech ASIA will include the following speakers: Kimberly Powell- Vice President of Healthcare NVIDIA, Chris Mowry- CEO General Fusion, Marius Swoboda- Head of Physical, Computational and Design Sciences Rolls Royce.


The Blockchain Event

Event date:  30th January- 1st February 2019

Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL USA.

The Blockchain Event will facilitate communication among entrepreneurs, developers, traders of all kinds of levels. There will be subjects focusing on the disruptive potential of blockchain business models on all of today’s markets.

Attendees will be able to listen to real-world case studies presented by companies from diverse industries and learn what made them fail or succeed.

Experts and startup leaders will discuss a variety of topics such as regulatory changes and security issues that affect the industry. Another major focus of the event will be on the future of blockchain and what advantages it will bring to companies.

During the event the following people will be speaking: Jason Kelley- IBM, Gary Davis- McAffe, David Haimes- Oracle.

Final words

With this, we conclude our list with the most interesting events in the crypto world for the first month of 2019. Don’t forget to book in advance if you are planning on attending!

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