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Top Blockchain Jobs You Need to Know About

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Feb 3, 2019
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Back in 2009, a mysterious and anonymous coder (or group of people) called Satoshi Nakamoto created what may very well be the most important invention of our time- Bitcoin. Little did the world know at the time that Bitcoin and its underlying technology will eventually end up disrupting most of today’s industries.

Fast forward ten years, the blockchain industry is one of the hottest industries and the general interest in this particular subject has been steadily increasing. 2017 was definitely the best year for blockchain technology and crypto, where the demand for “blockchain jobs” or “cryptocurrency jobs” has skyrocketed.

Interestingly enough, even though 2018 was not the best year for cryptocurrencies as it saw the overall market cap for various cryptos go down, the demand for crypto and blockchain jobs was as high as ever.

In this article, we will look at some of the best reasons why you might be interested in landing a blockchain job, some of the most popular jobs within the sphere, and what are the most interested parties.

Why Should You Choose a Blockchain Job?

Being an emerging field, getting a blockchain job is without a doubt a very exciting prospect. There are numerous reasons why you might want to choose a blockchain job.

For starters, by choosing a blockchain job, you would essentially be a sort of pioneer, as blockchain technology is still in its early days. What’s more, the job within the blockchain sphere is fairly well paid.

It’s true that most jobs within this respective field revolve around either programming, development, and social media interactions, but the pay throughout both technical and non-technical fields are 10-20% higher than the standard salaries offered in a common job. In addition, crypto jobs usually boast way better profit sharing models and incentives.

A big part of blockchain technology is related to decentralization. What’s interesting is the fact that a great number of teams of crypto projects are scattered all around the globe. Crypto companies usually offer great location flexibility. The “work from home” option is much more prevalent in the crypto field. If you still don’t have a great CV, you can look for writers with certification that will help you make your resume competitive.

Career options within the blockchain sphere

– Engineering:

By far the largest number of jobs (more than 60%) within the crypto space are related to engineering. Two of the most sought after jobs in this particular field are that of Blockchain Developer and Platform Quality Engineer. There are a lot of engineering courses that can help you become a professional.

Blockchain Developer

Developers will most likely have the best career opportunities in the promising blockchain field. They are the one that gets paid the highest. To qualify for the job at hand, one must have vast knowledge about the blockchain in general, about Ethereum (since it’s the hottest development platform), smart contracts, and Solidity (Ethereum’s in-house programming language) besides other programming languages such as JavaScript, Node.js, C, C++, SQL, .NET, and so forth.

Platform/Blockchain Quality Engineer

The position of platform quality engineer promises to be a very satisfying one, even though the responsibilities’ are high. A blockchain quality engineer is responsible for ensuring quality in all areas of blockchain development. This includes everything from manual testing, automation frameworks, and all sorts of tests. A quality engineer is also the person who defines, writes and implements test automation strategies.

Blockchain Engineer

The job envisions having a complex understanding of the direction of a blockchain company, and create blockchain apps that meet those needs. Blockchain engineers need to have very high programming skills, as well as be very savvy with access management solutions.

– Design:

Blockchain (Web) Designer

The blockchain designer is the person responsible for the design of the platform. Besides making sure that the blockchain platform has all the typical elements set in place, a blockchain designer is also the one responsible for ensuring the best possible experience for the company’s users.

– Management:

Blockchain Project Manager

A blockchain project manager has the responsibility of organizing specific business cases for blockchain technology and finding or developing blockchain-related solutions. A good blockchain project manager has very high technological know-how and is capable of bridging the communication gaps between the technical and non-people within the organization.

– Legislative:

The legal consultant is the person responsible for developing legal partnerships, as well as for advising the company at hand on how to structure and govern all its legal activities in order to ensure regulatory validation. Other tasks include negotiating and drafting legal agreements and performing due diligence.

Who’s Hiring?

According to numerous experts, there are four major players in the crypto job markets. These are startups, legacies, (fin-) tech companies, and governments.

Startups are simple businesses that sprouted after Bitcoin’s arrival. Since then, there have been numerous exciting ones while others have simply disappeared just as fast as they came to life. Most startups are usually run by a businessman or crypto aficionados. It might be tempting to disregard them as a major player in the market, but consider this: most big exchanges and crypto platforms started out in life as startups.

Legacies are usually represented by the likes of banks, law firms, accountancy offices, and so forth. Even though they were usually not the first to jump aboard the crypto hype wagon, most legacy companies have a lot of influence and money. Blockchain has made such a big impact that it cannot be overlooked any longer. Hence, that is why many of these firms are hiring blockchain experts to help them evolve in the right direction.

It’s almost a universally known fact that tech giants such as Microsoft, Apple, Google, and even Facebook are currently looking to invest in blockchain tech, even though most of their service relies on centralized networks. Nevertheless, users are slowly but surely becoming more and more aware of their privacy and security flaws, hence, blockchain is bound to find its way onto their business model.

Even though many country governments were skeptical regarding the power of the blockchain at first, most of them have had no choice but to accept it. Many national governments are still looking to hire crypto experts to advise them.

Final Words

There are those that still fear that cryptocurrencies are just a “bubble.” Even if that were to be true, it’s the blockchain that will remain behind, and it’s the blockchain that it’s arguably the most important invention of our time.

Therefore, regardless of what some people think, crypto experts agree that blockchain jobs are here to stay.

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