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Top Bitcoin Advertising Networks

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Sep 11, 2017
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We all know that we work with Google AdSense if we want to earn through advertisements on our website. ln an alternate way, we can earn Bitcoin by using Bitcoin advertising networks instead of Google AdSense. The only difference between them is the currency and popularity of that advertising company.

Here is the list of top 5 Bitcoin advertising networks:

Coinzilla Bitcoin Advertising Network

This network is primarily focusing on advertisements of Bitcoin-related sites. It focuses on giving the best result to both advertisers and publishers, through banner and pop-under advertising.

Coinzilla offers to its publishers:

  • Competitive rates among different advertisers;
  • Quick support to their publisher when they need it;
  • System statistics updated every five minutes;
  • They monetize all visits as long as they have inventory;
  • They make timely payment after a holding period of seven days;
  • Payments are made in Bitcoins and the minimum payment is 0.01BTC;
  • Publishers can earn 10 % from their referrals.

Coinzilla offers to its advertisers:

  • Quality traffic;
  • The minimum amount needed to start your advertising campaign is 0.01 BTC (minimum $7 USD for banner ads and minimum $0.07 USD for pop ads);
  • They offer SubID’s for all advertisers;
  • They have a good anti-fraud system to check bots.


TokenAd is an advertising network focused on catering clients from the crypto industry. They target the relevant audience when advertising for the project of their publishers.

The company claims to provide only quality traffic. To achieve this, they apply a strict selection of their publishers and their sites, implementing an advanced anti-fraud system that can identify and ban all cheating attempts. Thanks to this, advertisers can reach a higher CTR and receive more clicks on their ads.

ad network

The platform lets publishers from the crypto industry attract traffic from all over the world, letting them choose from a wide selection of locations. Each client will be provided with a personal account manager that will offer assistance 24/7, helping them set up their campaign, select their targeting strategy, as well as offering statistics on their performance.

CoinURL – Advertising Network

lf publishers have used Google AdSense earlier then they will face no problem in using CoinURL, because both of them look alike. It only allows advertisements related to Bitcoin. This network is using Pay-per-Click. Many advertisers prefer Pay-per-Click rather than Pay-per-View. They offer interstitial and banner advertising. From publishers’ point of view, their Pay-per-Click is lower than Google AdSense’s. There is a higher number of clicks in CoinURL because of the quality of the advertisement that it displays.

Bit-Media – Advertising Network

Bit-Media is a recently developed network which works on Pay-per-Click. They are quite serious in terms of the selection of a website for publishing their advertisements, and also have good Adspace inventory. They publish advertisements mostly related to Bitcoin Adspace so it’s better if the content of the website is related to Bitcoin in any way.

Anonymous Ads

lt’s famous for providing advertisements for Bitcoin. Anonymous Ads started in 2011 and it’s still working very good. lt provides Pay-per-click advertisements and it has a facility for providing detail and large network statistics data so that both publisher and advertiser can use it to estimate benefits and costs. The anonymous ad pays automatically as you reach the threshold. Anonymous ad network is best for small business who are in their startup phase or for those who don’t have huge marketing capital but they want to grow and get recognized in market.

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