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Airdrops have become something of a big thing in the last two or three years in the cryptocurrency community. Airdrops involve crypto-related projects distributing a certain percentage of their total token supply to their communities. Hence, one might argue that taking part in one is actually a very lucrative business.

If you’re interested in making some “free money,” as some within the community call it, then you can check out our list of top airdrops for November:

HARA Token Giveaway Airdrop

Blockchain for Social Impact

End date: November 9, 2018

Hara is a revolutionary, global and transparent blockchain-based project that plans to revolutionize the agriculture sector and help small farming businesses thrive in a world where major corporations are the norm.

The Giveaway Airdrop started on September 27, 2018, and the end date is November 9, 2018. The maximum number of participants is 6000 and, in order to take part in the giveaway, you need to register on the Tokenomy Exchange as well as become a verified member by filling in all the required KYC info. Additionally, you need to share this Facebook post on your timeline, plus fill in the form on HARA’s airdrop forum.

PeruCoin Airdrop 

End date: November 16, 2018

Created by the Bits2u company, PeruCoin is an interesting cryptocurrency project that aims to provide extensive knowledge about cryptocurrencies to the Peruvian public, to encourage the public to invest in cryptos and create one of the biggest mining farms in Peru.



Currently, PeruCoin is holding an airdrop which allows participants to receive one free Peru token by November 16, 2018. To enroll in the airdrop, you must first “chat” with the Telegram Bot, then join the Telegram group, follow the company on Twitter and Facebook, follow and retweet the ICO announcement, and submit your personal details. Airdrop 


As its name suggests, TheFund is a blockchain and AI-based project that aims to maximize investors’ profits through investments in promising ideas. The fund is designed to help finance transform those ideas into commercially viable business projects.

The Airdrop promises its participants rewards of approximately 30 TFIO (the project’s token) until November 16, 2018. To enroll in the airdrop, you must first access TheFund Airdrop Form, provide the Ethereum address, join the Telegram channel, follow the project on Twitter, and Like and Share on Facebook.

VeryFile Airdrop


End date: November 16, 2018

VeryFile is a blockchain-based network for the sensitive file, data, and document management. The platform provides its users with the possibility of storing files via decentralized cloud storage and manage within a user-friendly interface.

The airdrop promises rewards of up to 53 VER tokens, and the end date is November 16, 2018. To enroll in the airdrop, you must first access the VeryFile airdrop form and submit all the necessary details, join the Telegram group, follow the project on Twitter, like and follow the Facebook page.

FanChain Airdrop


End date: November 25, 2018

FanChain is a new-age crypto project that aims to bring together the interest of fans, sports athletes, teams, leagues, and other media entities. The decentralized global sports entertaining ecosystem is powered by the project’s unique token, the FanChain token (FANZ).

FanChain is airdropping 1,000,000,000 FANZ to all its community members. The airdrop is available until November 25, 2018, and promises to reward the participating members with 100 FANZ tokens. To take part, you first have to visit the FanChain airdrop form page, create an account on FanChain’s platform, make a live video on the SportsCastr app and submit the claim form.

Expercoin Airdrop 


End date: November 30, 2018

Expercoin is a new-age crypto and blockchain project that aims to launch AI-powered marketplaces. Its mission is to build one of the world’s largest decentralized network of marketplaces called Republics. It strives to advance learning and create noteworthy jobs for the digital economy.

The company is currently hosting an airdrop which started on June 1, 2018, and ends on November 30, 2018. To enroll in the airdrop, you must first visit the project’s Telegram channel, and use the bot “/help” to see the instructions. Follow the instructions and press the “/address” button and provide your ETH address, press “/group” button to join the group and “/link” to get your unique referral URL.

Enecuum Airdrop

End date: November 30, 2018


Enecuum’s mission is to unite millions of smartphones and other types of devices from all over the world into a single network. It aims to create the ideal environment for decentralized applications and business applications with a strong focus on scalability, speed, and security. It uses revolutionary technology such as mobile mining, smart contracts on Petri nets and linear logic, as well as a hybrid consensus algorithm.

The airdrop offers interested parties the possibility of receiving as much as 5085 ENQ tokens, out of a total of 25,000,000. To enroll in the airdrop, simply sign up by visiting the Enecuum airdrop page. To sign up, you are required to add a valid email address, verify it, and complete the KYC form. Additionally, you have to join the Telegram group, follow the project’s Twitter page, retweet two of their posts, and tweet at least two extra times about their campaign by using the #Enecuum #ENQ, and #mobilemining hashtags.

Platin Airdrop

End date: November 30, 2018

Platin markest itself as a Proof of Location protocol on the blockchain, and the main goal of the project is to allow as many people as possible to geo-locate digital assets anywhere on the world, in real time. The end goal is to incentivize individuals and organizations alike to move and interact with digital assets in new ways.

The project is planning to airdrop 250 PNTX tokens to any community member willing to enroll until November 30, 2018. To take advantage of the airdrop, you must first visit the Platin bounty page, join the Telegram group for extra 25 PTNX, follow the project on Twitter and tweet about Platin using the @platin_io and #ProofOfLocation hashtags for extra 25 PTNX, join the Whitelist and complete the KYC for extra 200 PTNX.

Good luck!

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