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Airdrops March 2019

After two fairly decent months for cryptocurrencies, and with March just around the corner, good things are expected to come in the following crypto spring. Below, you will find a curated list of airdrops that are worth your attention in March 2019.

Pharmeum (12 Mar 2019)

Pharmeum is the world’s first blockchain medical prescription platform. It’s backed up by state-of-the-art technology such as blockchain and artificial intelligence technology, and it aims to improve medicine affordability and overall quality for patients worldwide.

Users have the opportunity of receiving as much as 350 PHRM by taking part in the Pharmeum airdrop which ends on 12 March 2019. To take part in the airdrop, simply start the chat with the Phareum Telegram bot, pass the human verification, join the Telegram group, follow the project on Twitter, submit your details to the bot. Users will receive 350 PHRM (the equivalent of somewhere around $7).

Zoreum (14 Mar 2019)

Zoreum is a promising blockchain projects that aims to revolutionize the idea of decentralized crypto exchanges. More to the point, it’s a blockchain asset marketplace with a 360 degree ecosystem that provides its users with a high level of liquidity, enhance security, and high trading fees.

Until 14 March 2019, users can earn at least one 1 ZRS token by taking part in the airdrop. To be eligible, users must visit the Zoreum airdrop page, Sign up with their username email and ETH wallet address, join the Telegram announcement channel, and the official Telegram group. Next, users are required to like, follow, and re-tweet their channel on Twitter, like follow, and comment on Facebook page, like and follow on Instagram, like an subscribe to the YouTube channel, sign-up for the newsletter. Users can also earn 40 ZRS tokens for each referral.

CryptoSoul (01 Apr 2019)

CryptoSoul is an online survival game that’s based on ERC-20 tokens with real-world value. Users can earn as much as 850 SOUL tokens with CryptoSoul Airdrop. To take part, users are required to visit the CryptoSoul website, click the “Get free Soul” option, submit the details and signup, verify the mail and log in, join the Telegram group, join the Telegram channel, complete the KYC, 850 SOUL tokens, download the CryptoSoul app for Android (and complete the daily tasks for extra SOUL tokens). Users can also earn tokens for each referral.

OOOBTC (12 Apr 2019)

OOOBTC is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers a wide range of crypto trading services, high-level security, a built-in wallet, and fairly low trading fees. Users can earn OBX tokens by taking part in the airdrop. To do so, they are required to create an account on OOOBTC, verify the mail and log in, complete the KYC, and visit the OBX airdrop page, verify the Telegram, Twitter, and OOOBTC email with the help of the Telegram Bot. Users can also gain extra 50 OBX tokens for every new referral.

Almeedex (05 Mar 2019)

Almeedex is a new-age crypto exchange that uses “augmented reality technology’ in order to provide its users with the next step in terms of trading services. The team behind the project celebrate a tokensale with an exclusive airdrop for LATOKEN users.

The airdrop is available until 05 March 2019 and, in order for users to take part they have to start the Almeedex Telegram bot, follow the project’s official Telegram channel, follow Almeedex on Twitter, like and retweet a post in Almeedex Twitter, submit their emails in the telegram bot, register at LATOKEN. Users can also earn an extra 30 tokens for each friend they refer.

Pibble (04 Mar 2019)

Pibble is a blockchain-powered, new -age monetized image ecosystem. In short, the service brings together image creators and consumers and compensates them for various activities. The platform allows users to earn as much as 2,000 PIB tokens by 04 March 2019 via a basic airdrop.

To take part, users need to visit the Pibble Airdrop form, signup on the Allbit Exchange, login to Allbit, create a new wallet, submit the details to the airdrop form, and confirm your wallet address where the PIBBLE tokens will be distributed.

HIPHOP (05 Mar 2019)

HIPHOP is an interesting company that aims to create a viable ecosystem for all those who identify with the Hip-Hop lifestyle which includes concepts such as graffiti, breakdancing, MCing, DJing, and so forth.

In order to be eligible, supporters must take part in the following tasks: visit the HIPHOP airdrop page, join the email list, follow the project on Twitter and Telegram, and submit the ETH wallet address (since the distributed tokens are ERC-20) and other details on the previously mentioned airdrop page.

Ferrum Network (13 March 2019)

Ferrum Network is the world’s first “high-speed interoperability network for real-world financial applications.” One of the main advantages of this network is the fact that its next-generation protocol is designed to connect with each and every blockchain in existence.

Users have the opportunity of earning 100 FRM tokens by taking part in the network’s airdrop. To be eligible, users need to access the Ferrum Network Airdrop Form, join the Ferrum Network on Telegram, follow the company on Twitter, take a screen of joining both social channels and submit the screenshots in the airdrop form. More details about the airdrop can be found here.


2019 is expected to be a very good year for cryptocurrencies and crypto airdrops. So why not start off spring right and earn some extra money. We hope you enjoyed our list of top airdrops for March 2019 and we wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

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