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Toilet Paper Token: Was This April Fools’ Joke Followed by Negative Reactions?

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Apr 2, 2020
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Due to April Fools’ Day, the CoinMarketCap analytics service has listed above Bitcoin a non-existent currency called the Toilet Paper Token, causing ambiguous reactions from the crypto community.

An interesting circulation supply, “out of stock” instead of a real supply indicator and a jump in prices more than 10 times have created a hype around one of the basic everyday products in the context of a coronavirus pandemic.

In the Wipe Paper of the project, it is stated that the history of the token goes back more than one century. The distinctive features of the TPT token are the use of “smut contracts”, ISO (Initial Scattering Offering – the initial offer of unwinding), and the fact that it will be listed on the Shitake exchange.

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To comply with regulatory standards, customers need to go through the KYC (Know-Your-Colon) procedure, which is interconnected with the proof-of-ply consensus algorithm.

The creators of a new alternative to Bitcoin described the history of the emergence of toilet paper currency, and here again, the coronavirus is to blame. Because of the epidemic, people began to massively purchase rolls of toilet paper, which led to its shortage. Thus, CoinMarketCap had an idea on how to get out of this crisis and, at the same time, to fairly distribute a valuable resource among the world’s population.

However, many found this kind of humor inappropriate amid the growing number of victims of COVID-19.

CoinMarketCap representatives apologized, saying that they wanted to ridicule the massive purchases of toilet paper in this way. The service also wished all users to take care of their health.

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Toilet paper has truly become one of the most popular items during the days of panic purchases. And while some prefer to empty all stocks of toilet paper, others turn this hysteria into memes.

We hope you have not forgotten that you need to stay home, because life is a priority for all of us.

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