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The American news website Salon came these days with a bizarre idea for their readers. These have been put into a rare difficulty in choosing between: “Disable Ads” and “Enable Ads”. But actually, there is something more you should know about these options.

In the morning of Tuesday, 13 February 2019, the Salon’s readers have been encountered by an unconventional message. Once a user opened the home page the it displayed this notification: “We noticed you’re using an ad blocker. Please considering disabling your ad blocker so we can continue to create the content you come here to enjoy”.

To continue reading the articles, the readers must choose between two options: “Allow ads on Salon” an “Block ads by allowing Salon to use your unused computing power”.

The online newspaper was actually asking for the permission to mine cryptocurrency using the users computer’s power. But is this conventional?

In case you choose to block ads and allow using your computer’s power, the website is informing you that “the power can be used for a variety of humanitarian and scientific projects, from Blockchain technology to analysis of signals from space to see if extraterrestrials are attempting to make contact”.

This message will appear on the front page only if you have installed the ad blocker.

Once you click on the “learn more” button, the Salon’s team complains that the website has come to such an extent because of the significantly declined in terms of profits in the journalistic industry in the last period.

Salon is “a garbage”, replied a journalist

The journalist Ian Miles Cheong posted on 13 February on his Twitter page that “Salon is installing CoinHive onto your PC without explicitly explaining to you that it’s using your CPU power to mine for bitcoin”. He also added in the comments about Salon being “a garbage” website.

Ian Miles Cheong has advised his followers not to fall into the trap laid by Salon website, because it will damage the users’ graphics and other elementary features.

Asked by online media, a CoinHive representative replied that no permission from the website existed before the announcement was made.

*Note that CoinHive is a Monero JavaScript mining platform.

Is this a trap or no?! However, we don’t recommend you to allow Salon using your computer’s power.

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