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Rewarding users for their involvement begin to become a trend among companies regardless of the field of activity. Australian cinema operator Demand Film announced it will soon release a native cryptocurrency dubbed Screencreds to encourage users to share its content.

Demand Film is set to launch its own crypto asset called Screencreds. According to the company, users who distribute and watch cinema’s movie trailers will have the opportunity to be rewarded.

Demand Film to release German content

The news comes at the time when Demand Film is seeking to expand its database of users in Germany by launching movie trailers in German language starting August 21, as reported by Hollywood Reporter.

Presently, the cinema-on-demand operator is providing movies mainly to English-speaking users around the world. The company’s services include the organization of theatrical screenings for future movies and documentaries demanded by the public.

Starting in August, Demand Film will offer for the first time in its years of activity non-English video content. David Doepel, Chief Executive Officer and CEO, announced that the cinema operator intends to expand its user database by rewarding the community for sharing the company’s content.

Doepel elaborated:

Users will be getting paid for what they are doing already … watching trailers, sharing them, promoting our movies to their friends, and payment will be based on influence. The more people see the shared trailer, and the more people that then buy tickets to our screenings, the more Screencreds users earn.”

Use Screencreds tokens to pay for movie tickets

According to the company, users will be able to use their Screencreds tokens to pay for movies tickets and Demand Film’s VIP event, counting meetings with company’s board of directors as well as movie stars.

Furthermore, the CEO has pointed out that Screencreds tokens are set to be listed on NCX, an Australian cryptocurrency trading platform, over the next few months. He also revealed that Demand Film intends to pay royalties to movie producers with Screencreds tokens and that this idea has already been tested by Eleanor Sharpe and Nickolas Bird, the Australian producers of MAMIL: Middle Aged Men in Lycra, a documentary movie.

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