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There are so many alternatives where you can use Bitcoin to purchase a product or service. Recently, a deodorant manufacturer entered the crypto cycle as well.

Schmidt’s Naturals, the deodorant manufacturer, is the latest cosmetics enterprise to accept Bitcoin as payments. According to Michael Cammarata, CEO and co-founder, the BTC payment method was used 5-10% in online purchases since the company made the announcement of accepting it on 14 May.

It’s starting to be a percentage of sales more than we expected,” claimed Cammarata for Cheddar.

The natural products offer a variety of odors, such as: “lavender, tea tree, bergamot, and cedar“. For one deodorant you must pay $ 9 or 0.0011 BTC. Schmidt’s Naturals becomes the first subsidiary of Unilever’s giant to adopt Bitcoin as payments.

It kind of was actually a last minute surprise. We got a lot of consumers that are like, ‘Can we pay with Bitcoin’? We were playing around with the idea a little bit and our tech team was like, ‘Should we do this should not do it?” stated Cammarata.

The company received numerous requests for customers to pay with Bitcoin, given the decision which was taken. “We have a lot of millennials and highly socially active consumers,” he said.

Use Bitpay for your payments

To make payments with Bitcoin, you can use Bitpay, a popular BTC payments player. It’s already known that when it comes to online commerce Bitpay is definitely the most famous crypto provider.

However, some clients have offered complaints about the services offered by Bitpay. The Canada-based electronics provider Newegg has received several negative comments in the past. The clients accuse Bitpay of having taken a larger amount of money than originally indicated.

More and more companies are starting to accept Bitcoin as a payment method for online shopping.
Whether it’s a smell or a method of payment, we’re very involved in our consumer,” Cammarata said.

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