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The Boston Stock Exchange has teamed up with tZero to release “the world’s first regulated security token exchange.

The announcement was made on 22nd May. The platform has the purpose to create a regulated framework dedicated to trading blockchain-based tokens that are considered securities.

The platform whose name isn’t yet known will give companies the opportunity to launch ICO projects without being subjected to high risk regarding the federal legislation. It will also give free access to public companies that want to distribute their shares on a blockchain network.

The platform activities will be supervised by Lisa Fall, CEO of BOX Digital and President of BOX Options Exchange.

tZERO’s track record and accomplishments in this innovative area, coupled with BOX’s expertise in operating a highly efficient and transparent equity options marketplace, made partnering together an easy decision and we look forward to building a world-class platform for listing and trading security tokens,” stated Fall.

The initiative is a “significant milestone”

The new Chief Executive of tZero, Saum Noursalehi, has expressed his vision about the future project, stating that it may be considered as a “significant milestone” for the process of implementing blockchain-based tech into the traditional market.

Our partnership with BOX Digital Markets is a significant milestone that will create the first SEC-regulated exchange designed to efficiently trade crypto securities. Lisa Fall’s leadership, reputation and deep experience in the regulated securities exchange industry will be a major asset in achieving this objective,” explained Noursalehi.

Together, we will continue to work with the SEC as we develop a first-of-its-kind platform that will integrate blockchain capital markets into the current U.S. National Market System,” he added.

The activities between the partners will be split in the following way: the BOX Digital will have the role of managing the operations of the exchange, while tZero will deal with the technological part and its functioning according to the law in force.

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