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Innovations in the monetary sector inspire artists. Cryptocurrencies can now be found on the walls around the world. Graffiti artists color cities in a notable way.

Blockchain technology continues to inspire many companies regardless of their field of activity. It is worth mentioning that this sector, along with Bitcoin and altcoins, has begun to inspire artists as well. Yes, you have heard correctly. Graffiti artists color cities with crypto-related sketches. Many of them are less known, but art helps them express their opinion about what’s happening in the crypto environment.

Over the years, Bitcoin (BTC) and altcoins have become famous for the unlimited possibilities they can offer both in the online and in the physical environment. The technology on which digital currencies relies is impressive and promising for numerous businesses. We can say that the blockchain-based networks have become a phenomenon and are definitely a technological revolution. Cryptocurrencies can be used to buy clothes, food, beverages, tickets, real estate, cars- for almost any item you’ll find an operator that accepts crypto assets.

People say graffiti is ugly, irresponsible and childish… but that’s only if it’s done properly.” ― Banksy

Graffiti arts express both community anxiety and the fascination for the sector called crypto and especially for Bitcoin (BTC).

Fuck the IRS“, San Francisco, California

Pascal Boyart aka “PBOY,” Paris, France

R.I.P Banking System‘ by Ludo, Paris, France

Bitcoin Is Future for Your Kids‘ Kiev, Ukraine

Wolf of Bitcoin‘ Deep Ellum, Dallas Texas

Czech Finance Minister Andrej Babis, Prague, Czech Republic 

Cryptograffiti Street Art, United States

Bitcoin is the first and most known cryptocurrency in the world. For years, the currency ranks first in terms of its value and the acceptance rate. It is part of the technological revolution and already can support some of our daily activities.

These street paintings are just the beginning. Furthermore, most artists have drawn their QR code alongside their masterpieces, so that admirers can pay them.

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