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These Are the Most Rewarding Ethereum Faucets in September 2020

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Sep 9, 2020
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Cryptocurrency faucets are a way for crypto enthusiasts to get free coins with little or no effort. There are many faucets out there that churn out cryptocurrencies at certain intervals, while others allow users to determine how often they do it. This is especially suitable for those who have recently entered the cryptocurrency space and want to try out the use of crypto without any risk.

Ethereumis the second-largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin, but this is not the most interesting thing about the coin. ETH is the currency for all transactions on the Ethereum blockchain, making it a highly sought after coin, as it facilitates interaction with decentralized applications (dApps) on the blockchain. The recent boom in the Ethereum-based DeFi industry is also a reason why ETH is a center of interest; as a result, many are looking for it.

With faucets, however, you don’t have to buy coins, and you can get enough to start your journey in the space. It is worth mentioning that faucets don’t offer much at a time, but with enough time given, it could yield substantial rewards over time. In this article, we will look at the most rewarding Ethereum faucets that give out ETH with which you have a high chance of winning rewards. is one of the top cryptocurrency faucets that give out free Ethereum. It offers coins with enough simplicity for a complete novice to use seamlessly. Customers can earn up to 4470 Gwei every 6 minutes. The Gwei is the smallest unit of ETH and is the 100th million of a full Ethereum.

To start earning, users only have to create a username and password. After this, they are required to complete a captcha challenge to prove they are humans. They can then start earning right away and continue claiming free ETH. Users can also easily swap their ETH for the several others listed cryptocurrencies through an in-built exchange feature available on the website. Once a user accumulates enough coins, he can withdraw to his personal wallet at any time.

Speedup Faucet

Speedup Faucet is one of the Ethereum faucets worth trying. Ways of earning include solving captchas or playing online games after signing up. Users have 10 min between claims, and they can earn over 3400 Gwei in any single claim. This is one of the most rewarding ETH faucets out there, as the reward is higher than most other faucets give out. Also, users can earn more by referring friends and family.

If you are consistent and give it time, you may be shortlisted among the top ten users every week to get a fixed percentage of your total claims, giving you some extra free ETH. The faucet allows you to withdraw your ETH directly into your personal wallet without any hassle, and this is really cool, considering you have to deposit your earnings in a wallet within some faucets.


LuckyFish, is a faucet and online casino that allows users to play games and have fun while earning ETH in return. If you are the type that does not like referrals, this is the platform for you because you don’t have to refer anyone to earn more. Instead, you are granted unlimited time to play as you wish, which means you can also earn unlimited ETH. Moreover, you are entitled to weekly bonuses that will boost your earnings.

Faucet Crypto

Faucet crypto is a multi-cryptocurrency faucet that rewards users with ETH. It is a simple faucet with a user-friendly interface that makes you feel at home when on the website. Users can either carry out simple tasks, view ads, or do shortlinks to earn. They are also given a 25% referral benefit for every user they refer to the website.

Faucet Crypto charges no withdrawal fees, and earnings can be withdrawn into a live wallet once the minimum of 0.00012 ETH is reached. The timer is set at 40 minutes, which is definitely on the high side, but with an 84% excellent rating, this faucet is worth trying.


Trustdice is another combination of a multi-cryptocurrency faucet and online casino. It offers an unusual referral bonus of 50% on referrals, and users can sign up without giving out any personal detail, including their email addresses. Although the time between claims is set at 6 hours, the huge referral bonus compensates for this, and with a small withdrawal fee of 0.00021 ETH, earnings can be withdrawn to personal wallets once it reaches 0.01ETH.


These are the best cryptocurrency faucets where you can get some free ETH. With consistency and determination, you can eventually earn enough to interact with Ethereum dapps and possibly convert to fiat and spend it as real money. It will be very interesting, so go out there and get your first ETH or add them to the ones you have with fun and style.

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