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As technology advances, certain things are here to stay and crypto is what awaits the future. If you want to make smart moves with your money, then trading online would be a great investment strategy that would yield high returns as a business venture. However, there’s a drawback. Cryptocurrencies are daunting; they’re a big risk and only require the brainiacs, especially when you’re a newbie.

There are quite several platforms out there that you can buy and sell your assets. By now, you’ve heard of gigantic names like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, among others. Although it doesn’t rule out the possibility of scammers who perpetrate as investors, these platforms make trading simpler.

If you’re new in the industry, it’s only suitable for you to understand crypts before putting your money in one basket. Here’s a combined list we’ve updated for you to help you find the best crypto exchange UK and online brokers that genuinely buy and sell bitcoins, as well as cash and payment apps that also do the same.


eToro is one of the largest global social trading Israeli platforms. It allows its traders to save themselves from commission burdens. In simpler terms investing in eToro means that there are no broker fees involved when investing with them, whether you’re in a short or leveraged position.

The added advantage with the firm is that it’s way affordable than before, and one can buy fractional shares as much as they’re willing, i.e., 100% stocks and 0% commission.


  • Easy to buy cryptos since buying and selling is instant, hassle-free deposits and withdrawals
  • Secure as millions of traders trust it
  • Smart. Limited access to analytical tools, advanced social features, technological risk management tools
  • Seamless. You can store, transfer and manage your bitcoins conveniently in one account


  • It doesn’t cover your risks since its market is unregulated
  • A mandatory withdrawal fee of $5


Coinbase, just like the likes of eToro, specializes in the buying and selling of crypto. You only need to know how to maneuver your way by understanding how specific cryptocurrencies work for your trading chances to rise. The company has a variety of features that make it easy to trade. It allows you to manage your portfolio by trading bitcoins and to monitor their performance at a go. Over 56 million verified traders, 8000 companies, and 13400 partners worldwide attest that the coin base is an open stage that allows users to vividly invest, save, spend, earn and use bitcoins seamlessly.


  • Secure storage since it backs up data into safe deposit boxes and also in high-end vaults. It also offers 2-step verification when you’re an account holder
  • It is covered by insurance
  • Funding the account requires a minimum amount


  • It has a higher fee if compared to the other cryptocurrency exchanges 


Binance is an existing company that has over the years offered its community numerous financial assets and services. Digital currencies, digital wallets, futures, securities, savings accounts, and lendings are part of their bucket list.

The company has its headquarters in the Cayman Islands, and its Binance market operations, which are known to be affiliated limited firms, are based in London, UK.  

The company came into existence in 2017 to pursue altcoin trading. It has a high liquidity ratio and thus offers cryptos to users and provides a higher chance of safety and security.

Binance supports only three trading orders, i.e., Limit, Stop- Limit, and Market Orders which are executed at the limit prices usually determined by the trader.

Additionally, the firm has an existing blockchain automated incubator that assists in financing cryptocurrency projects. It acts as an advisory tool, and also it’s a form of a Launchpad that ranks listings and fundraising exercises.


  • Convincing CV in the cryptocurrency market
  • Access to sophisticated tools and features
  • Permits use of UK debit/ credit cards as well as bank transfers


  • Limited to US users
  • Lengthy KYC requirements

Coin Corner

If you like your operations running as smoothly and swiftly as possible, Coin Corner is ideal for investing your money. Although sometimes it’s good to wait to get good things, you don’t have to wait a lifetime to buy bitcoins with Coin Corner.

It’s a company made up of a team of savvies that has built a good rapport in the Bitcoin world.

By the virtue that it trades crypto, it has made a huge difference as compared to other platforms as it educates users all over walks of life via media, seminars, and, workshops among many more.

Since 2014, it was ranked the leading British bitcoin exchange firm through its dynamic nature and undying commitment to its customers.


  • Buying and selling crypts with more accessible storage and transfer options
  • Credit/ Debit cards can be used to buy cryptocurrencies
  • Two-factor authentication when using Google authenticating apps
  • Future room for the use of Coin Corner Visa cards that facilitates online shopping.
  • You can send coins to friends and family.


  • Outrageous trading fees
  • Limited access to trading facilities

The information in this article is a guideline to help you choose wisely the crypt firm of your choice. They are factors you need to consider before you start your trading journey. You can visit a financial advisor to discuss and come up with an unbiased decision. You can check out as well some more options here.

Notice: The information in this article and the links provided are for general information purposes only and should not constitute any financial or investment advice. We advise you to do your own research or consult a professional before making financial decisions. Please acknowledge that we are not responsible for any loss caused by any information present on this website.