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The ABBC Foundation has released a complete user guide for its brand new Multi-Crypto (MC) wallet to make it easy for users to access information such as the KYC and ABBC Coin bonus. The foundation is giving away 100 ABBC Coins to the first 500, 000 people who will download the wallet between 2nd to 31st July. There is also an additional bonus of 20 ABBC coins for every referral. The MC Wallet user-guide was created after a massive positive response was received from the public. Due to the high number of people trying to register and access information about ABBC Coins, the company has now released a complete user guide for the MC Wallet and it features information such as details of the registration process, where to download the application, the KYC details, details of the wallet dashboard and so much more.

To register, users are required to give their full names, email, password, phone number, a copy of National ID and they have to upload a picture while holding a clear and visible original ID. In order to verify user details and curb fraud, ABBC Coin Foundation has introduced a process that is known as Know Your Customer (KYC) on its website. Therefore, when users provide mobile numbers, they will receive a verification code via SMS. After receiving the code, they will need to enter it on ABBC website. Once the verification process is completed by ABBC team, users will receive 100 abbc coins. Note that users who successfully complete the KYC process are eligible for a bonus of 100 ABBC coins and on top of that, there is an extra 20 ABBC for every referral. This is a simple and rewarding process and all one needs to do is to copy the referral link to their account and then share it with their friends.

The ABBC Multicrypto Wallet is user-friendly and easy to navigate and new users are guaranteed a smooth and frictionless access. The application’s left drawer menu has an MC Wallet Dashboard where after logging in the user will get the chance to view the coin wallet list (which they selected during registration). For convenience, the coins may be filtered according to market value, balance, name, and change. If a user needs more coins, they can easily add them to the list by using the add button. Clicking on a coin listed on the dashboard will lead the user to MC Wallet Home where they can perform tasks such as receiving coins, sending coins and viewing the transaction history.

The ABBC Multicrypto Wallet is versatile, interactive and it comes with multiple settings. Users can change the default currency of the MC Wallet and they can also use this feature to select coins, change pin code, disable or enable finger authentication and facial recognition, to change the login and transaction security. The feature-rich application’s settings can be changed at any time for user-convenience. Personal information such as passwords can be updated in the ‘My Account’ section.

The most amazing thing about ABBC Coin Foundation’s KYC registration is that it is available in multiple languages i.e. English, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Russian and Korean. More information about this Multicrypto Wallet can be found at

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