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More and more companies embrace the blockchain technology, especially for security it offer and the way how it streamlines the information. This also applies to the U.S. Postal Service, which is planning to introduce the blockchain system as part of the support in deploying basic post activities.

In order to register the idea and to be approved, the post has submitted an official patent at the US Patent and Trademark Office. The document entitled “Methods and systems for a digital trust architecture” was published yesterday, on 22nd March 2018, after another initiative that took place in September 2017.

Users confidence doesn’t mean that the services are secured

According to the document, the standard services used to carry out daily activities, which actually provide users confidence are the ones that do not have an adequate security level. Among the reasons why the instruments are unsafe include the handling of transactions, as well as the lack of certainty about the information received.

There are many excellent reasons for online interactions to continue as they have been. However, in a multi-party, open source environment, there is also a need for a secure, trusted, and enforceable online environment, to enable greater trust and therefore expansion of offerings online.”, according to the patent.

New digital tools will be implemented

The services that are intended to be deployed within the Postal Service refer to e-mail tools as well as a digital system that issues public and private keys. The new patent also emphasizes the introduction of a digital component that can be structured so that all the received messages from users will automatically move into a blockchain- based system.

In some aspects, the user email component is further configured to receive input indicating whether information indicating the transmission of the encrypted email body data is to be stored in a blockchain and store the information in a blockchain in response to the input,” the application clarified.

According to the patent, the U.S. Postal Service also aims to introduce a “special digital token“, which will be used for users’ inputs in order to transfer them on the blockchain algorithms.

The block chaining of a special digital token provides evidence that a specific transaction occurred, and specifically who was involved,” the patent informed.

The U.S. Postal Service is not at its first involving in such activities. Since 2016, it has made public the idea of introducing its own crypto asset, but also an advanced technology in order to streamline operations realized in the logistics department.

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