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Poloniex has released a mobile version of its trading platform available both on Android and iOS.

The US-based cryptocurrency exchange was founded in January 2014 and is registered under the supervision of financial company Circle. The official announcement made by Circle on July 13 pointed out that the new release is the only mobile version of the trading app accepted on both the Android Play Store and the iOS App Store.

The new app comes with additional features compared to existing Poloniex “support” apps released by developers outside of the company.

In our effort to deliver the best possible experience across all platforms, we’ve acquired the best-in-class Poloniex app for iOS and Android! This app will now be the only officially supported Poloniex app in the App Store and Play Store,” wrote Circle on Medium.

Source: Medium

With the new app, Poloniex says it’s focusing on customer experience. Now, the crypto community is able to access real-time updates, control particular currencies and set alerts for price alteration. To perform transactions on mobile, users must first generate an API key on the desktop. Further instructions are displayed in the app.

Note that a mobile version has always been available on iOS, designed to give customers the chance to access the platform services from anywhere.

The launch of the latest mobile app is a significant step for the US company. Poloniex promises new projects soon, and the recent release is just the beginning.

We have big plans for this app — next up is better mobile verification! — so download it today and follow along with our updates. We’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts,” announced Circle, the parent company of Poloniex.

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