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Hilmi Git, based in Hebron, Israel, is suspected of conducting a series of fraudulent transactions. He is accused of making over 20,000 transfers using stolen credit cards and a Bitcoin-based network.

Reported by Israeli Calcalist, Git didn’t try to defend himself, saying that: “We are thieves. Anywhere we can take money, we’ll take it, whether it’s from Israel, the US, or even the moon.”

The indictment was submitted on 21 May in Tel Aviv District Court, mentioning that Git committed $ 280,000 in fraud and hidden another $ 8 million. The wallet containing over 1,000 Bitcoin was taken by local authorities. This is the first incident where, according to law, the police are obliged to confiscate the funds worth in Bitcoin.

Division, and a large-scale affair, in which Git ran forums for sharing and selling stolen credit card details and committing additional offenses for a decade, And hundreds of Israeli credit cards, and the users charged the Israeli cards at least NIS 1 million and tried to charge at least NIS 5 million, according to the indictment. 800 credit cards published on the website, Yu Israeli belong. These cards have been prepared over 20 thousand fraudulent transactions, not all of which were approved,” reported Calcalist.

10 years= 800 stolen credit cards

As mentioned above, Git’s operation has been running since 2008 when the suspect started designing websites scams. Over the years, Git has managed to squeeze out 800 credit cards that belonged to Israeli citizens.

In addition to fraudulent transactions, Git offered users cheap mobile devices for which customers offered a specific amount. Subsequently, the phones were blocked by the administrator. According to the State Attorney, Git has managed to launder funds using the Bitcoin network.

The authorities believe that access to the internet will “enable him (Git) to continue the criminal enterprise he has established over the past decade,” respectively he will continue to manage fraudulent operations. Taking this into consideration, the state is trying to keep the suspect guilty as long as possible.

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