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An Innovative ICO to Change the World of Banking Transactions

The CAPVERTO Exchange will be soon offering unique crypto opportunities through its ICO for those that lack easy access to banking services. The project brings together the worlds of fiat money and cryptocurrency by combining an international prepaid card program which can be used for banking and trading operations that use the CAP utility token.

The CAP utility token brings forth an intuitive and multi-layered online bank-like experience which includes features such as: international prepaid cards, peer-to-peer monetary transactions and cryptocurrency lending, trading, and insurance.

Cryptocurrencies offer far more flexible financial alternatives as they do not necessitate the sophisticated infrastructure and bureaucracy of traditional centralized institutions, and ICO contributors do not need to have an extensive history, background in investment or financial endeavors. To participate in an ICO, the contributor must pass through a few security verifications to create an online account, and this also generates fewer and lower transaction fees.

Digital assets have become popular in trading due to their decentralized nature, as the financial tasks once required by traditional institutions became greatly simplified. But when it comes to credit card use, transactions with cryptos can be very costly because they require multiple parties to process. However, there are not many projects of this kind that focus on catering to the needs of the unbanked.

International Prepaid Cards with Monetary Rewards

The prepaid card lets its holder access all the services offered on CAPVERTO Exchange.  Each participant must purchase one before conducting any business on the platform

Prepaid cards represent a basic financial tool for many of the underbanked which stand in for primary checking accounts in most circumstances. Thus, CAPVERTO enables them enter the world of formal banking through a familiar route.

The prepaid cards program comes in multiple tiers and are classified by color. The lowest is the blue card which is $100, followed by the gold, platinum and black cards. The latter two are available for purchase by invitation only.

All of the cards come in both physical and virtual form. After any purchases made with the card, its value is converted in CAP utility tokens that must be held by the buyer for a minimum of six months. Up to two percent of the total sum of the transaction in the form of fiat money is also allocated to CAP reinvestment.

Cashback rewards work like normal cards, which are available for cards of all colors, giving discounts to members for products supported by their contributing partners. The value of the prepaid cards is continually influenced by its linkage to the CAP token, not just by the first card purchases but by the following activities of all CAPVERTO accounts.

The cards’ design and system will help drive forward crypto adoption, as it is very similar to how a regular payment card functions. It serves as a mediator and converter for cryptocurrencies – in this instance, the CAP utility tokens – and fiat money, increasing their liquidity and accessibility.

P2P Financial Transfers and Cryptocurrency Lending

The CAPVERTO Exchange web portal provides its users with an IBAN/SWIFT account for executing peer-to-peer transactions. These types of transfers are faster, convenient, and less costly than alternatives such as Western Union and FOREX, especially when it comes to international remittance. This way, participants can rely less on checks, which usually come with high cashing fees.

There is also a P2P lender-borrower model that lets users convert cryptocurrency holdings into extra liquidity in an easier and convenient manner. Both individual and institutional users of the CAPVERTO platform can lend as much as half the to-date value of their holdings and accumulate interest on the loan they made.

Loans can be made only for a maximum of six months at a time. If the traded assets decrease in price and they go down under 40 percent of their initial value, a trigger automatically sets off their selling. An 8 percent fee on all such loans is collected by the exchange.

Streamlined Cryptocurrency Trading, Including Copy Trading

The convenient and safe online interface of the CAPVERTO Exchange gets rid of some common problems that come with trading cryptocurrencies: for example, not knowing how to make a balanced portfolio. Members can make fiat deposits for trading digital assets and leverage the integration with Binance to analyze the trading history of others.

They can go on to copy the information found in the portfolios of other traders. By copy trading, new users can easily get started in crypto trading, and the CAP token can gain more exposure. An automatic deduction is applied on ten percent of the profit, with the initial trader and CAPVERTO Exchange receiving half. Half of that cut (2.5 percent of the total deduction) is then used to buy back Cap.  Its circulating supply will decrease, and this will lead to an increase in value.

Innovative Cryptocurrency Insurance

CAPVERTO Exchange has taken into account the risks that are associated with the network cryptocurrency trading, and, because of that, it offers its members cryptocurrency insurance. This insurance product, initially inspired by the 2014 Mt. Gox hack and shutdown, is among the first ones of its type. The product is managed by RiskPoint, an underwriting company which has been providing insurance solutions since 1917.

The cryptocurrency insurance service employs advanced cybersecurity implementations, being composed of two-factor authentication (2FA), know-your-customer (KYC), anti-money laundering (AML), and proof-of-address – to lower any possibilities of a hack or a technical error/bug. Because of these measures, those that decide to use CAPVERTO’s services can do so knowing that their assets are secured against cyber threats.


CAPVERTO Exchange is a financial platform that aims to close the gap between the realms of fiat money and cryptocurrency. It has a unique and innovative design, which centers around the use of the CAPVERTO Token (CAP) and an international prepaid card, thus making available the benefits of cryptocurrencies to the public customer segment (usually excluded from traditional banking or financing).

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