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What Are The Benefits Of Live Casino?

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Sep 21, 2022
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Most people are familiar with the concept of a regular casino, even if they have never stepped foot in one. The world has changed, and many players choose to spend their money in online casinos for convenience. In a type of nostalgia for real-life casinos, live casinos emerged.

But more than that, playing casino games has never been easier. Thanks to their rapid expansion in the online world, people worldwide can enjoy the thrills of playing various casino games from the convenience of their homes. 

However, not everybody knows just how many benefits there are to playing casino games from a live, online platform rather than a traditional brick-and-mortar one. In fact, most players don’t even know that hundreds of different casino games are available from various providers who have partnered with the platforms to offer their customers as many opportunities as possible to win money while they’re playing. 

And getting one step further, live casinos take everything that the typical online casinos offer and put in some of the spice that the real-life experience can offer.

Read on if you want to learn more about these benefits and see if this might be right for you!

What Is A Live Casino?

Live casinos are online websites whereby players interact with a human dealer instead of a computer. There are several benefits to using such a service, which is why they are gaining popularity. For example, 10CRIC is known as one of the best live casino sites, where players all over the world have access to a diverse variety of gambling options. 

And as the world of online casinos is constantly evolving, to keep up with all the changes, you need to know what opportunities the crypto gambling world has in store for you. 

Like any online casino, a live casino offers various types of games — variations of blackjack, roulette, baccarat, or other popular table games — under the supervision of professional human dealers who are paid by the site. 

However, the platform is fair, not dumping the costs on players. Therefore, users get to play their favorite games in a classic online casino style but with a more human connection.

However, an aspect of live casinos is that the games are played in real-time. This contrasts with regular online casinos, where users can even opt to play for free in trial versions.

Benefits Of Live Casino

There are several reasons why people would choose a live casino over an ordinary online casino. So, let’s go below through the most prominent benefits live casinos bring to players,

The Thrill Of Real-Time Play

Gambling isn’t just about the money—it’s more about the thrilling experience than anything else. Live casinos offer a very similar thrill because the game is played in real-time, and there is an actual human on the other end of the virtual table. 

Players who visit live casinos describe the experience as exciting. Reports show that players are generally satisfied, and the touch of a real person dealing adds to the excitement.

Higher Pay-Out Rates

Online casinos use a computerized dealer, which leaves little to no room for error. However, because human dealers are available on live casino websites, human error leads to a higher payout rate. 

What does that mean? It simply means you’re more likely to win in a live casino than an online one because you aren’t playing against a computer whose algorithm is predetermined to decide when you win. 

Comfort Of No Dress Codes

Let’s face it, one of the major conveniences of doing anything online is never having to get out of your pajamas. While brick-and-mortar casinos often have strict dress codes to add to the elegant atmosphere that encourages spending money, there are no dress codes associated with using a live casino website.

You can sit back, relax wherever you are, and enjoy the thrill of a real-life game without restrictive clothing.


People can see you walking into a brick-and-mortar casino, and most of us don’t want everyone to know that. If you want to play a real-life game but still keep it private, a live casino is a perfect solution.

Although your name and identification details will be shared with the website, no one else needs to know. 


You don’t need to travel to Vegas or Atlantic City. Live casinos, just like online casinos, are only as far as your nearest device is connected to the internet. Players are free to join any casino they like without ever moving off their living room couch. 

While this may also be true for online casinos, you might notice that there are many other advantages to live casinos that make them much more popular. 

24/7 Operation

Just like a brick-and-mortar casino, you can fire up your computer, tablet, or other devices to connect to a live casino 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There are real dealers waiting for you all day and all night. 

The dealers are available to chat with you casually, and you can play the gambling game of your choice at any time of the day. 

Winning Depends Entirely On Luck

Last but not least, some players enjoy the fact that there is no computerized randomization of any cards on a live casino website. All winnings are completely random and depend purely on luck. 

Not only does this make the game easier to understand, but it adds to the excitement and thrill. Many naturalists prefer luck over randomization because each win is all the more difficult. This makes winning a much bigger victory.

Final Thoughts

Live casino websites offer up a lot more fun and higher pay-out rate than regular online casinos. The games resemble real-life gambling more and can be just as thrilling to play. Make sure to join gambling tables early because they often get booked rapidly, given the limited capacity that a real-life dealer offers.

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